Talk about hugely embarrassing. Shania Twain took a tumble at the 2011 CMT Awards. The fall happened as Twain made her way to the stage. Ouch.

Not just annoying Lonleygirl15 wannabe’s use Youtube, though. Twain posted a video there to let fans know that she’s fine and only her thumb was hurt. Because she never wants to lay eyes on the dreaded shoes that were responsible for the fall, she’s thinking about auctioning them off. Wouldn’t it be funny if the shoes were cursed? (I’m sure they’re not…) Video is after the jump. Would you bid on them?

It’s nice that she’s rolling with the jokes, because if she stayed quietly horrified people would make it an even bigger deal. But Twain’s turned this around. Nice move.

Here is actual video of her wiping out: