This time, we had a serious episode of the Shahs exploring Turkey. MJ and GG didn’t even fight. It was a miracle.

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‘Shahs of Sunset’ Season 3 , Episode 12 “Turkey Trip”

Turkey Happened!

“Who do it like this?” – Mike

The Shahs do, apparently. They went to live it up big in Turkey. And MJ and GG both ended up coming.

They didn’t show us the flight, or even emphasize how LONG that trip must have been. I’d also be interested to know what pills MJ took to get through it all…

“Mercedes, mo-roblems.” – Asha

GG and MJ made up in an act of magic. Asha pushed them both to apologize, and everyone else was encouraging about it. They both officiall apologized to each other over a group dinner. (I never thought MJ would.)Perhaps being in Turkey made them both take things more seriously. But whatever it was, the two are getting along again. For now.

“Thank God these two are back together again.” – Asha

More Turkey Time

While exploring turkey, they check out destinations like Hagia Sophia. (The ceilings were amazing) and The Blue Mosque.

Mike wasn’t connecting to anything, and feels lonely.

People wearing the black veils in secular Istabul started freaking Reza out.

“That’s some OG sh#t right there.” – Reza

As Asha hears the call to prayer and feels spiritual, Mike chews thoughtfully on a plastic fork. Because he’s Jewish and not Muslim, it was difficult for him.

MJ talks to the camera about how she feels bad when people ask her if she’s a Muslim, and she will reply with a “yes, but-”

Reza feels worried about being in near the Mosque and being a gay man. If anyone knew, it wouldn’t be good.

“No disrespect to Muslims, but it just scared me.” – Mike

“Maybe the gay one should take a pass on this.” – Reza

While inside the mosque, Asa is told only men can pray in the main part, and women must go in the back corner. She talks about how she understands it’s their custom, but it’s also hurtful.


Asa and her Mom talk about how they can’t go back to Iran. We even see Asa’s Mom in a talking head moment where she talks more about her pain about not being able to see old friends, her parents graves’ and so on… It’s disturbing and sad that this is a reality for some people.

Later in the episode, Asa’s family arrives for a big reunion. There are lots of tears. Gifts are given. Asa smells a bag of Iranian dirt and feels sad and joyful and LOTS of emotions.

Cats with Jobs

Reza and wants to feed Turkish cats. GG says they aren’t street cats, that they have rabi’s. But Reza says these cats control the rodent population and people respect them for having that job. Of course, he just wants to kiss and feed them and snuggle – same as I would.

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