The outlandish amazon SJP in the newly released SATC 2 poster / Warner Bros

The outlandish amazon SJP in the newly released SATC 2 poster / Warner Bros

I have always loved Sex and the City – the TV series. I’ve re-watched episodes, defended it to boys, and even made those same boys watch an episode. Sex and the City the movie…I thought was horribly depressing and totally not in the same vein of the show. I did not enjoy it. But it made loads of cash, so they’re making another one. I very much admire and respect Sarah Jessica Parker, and the other SATC ladies. And the writers, and crew, and everyone. But I do not like where the evolution of the Carrie Bradshaw character¬† has taken us.

Even though Carrie lived in a large NYC apartment, had super expensive designer shoes, an amazing sex life, a closet to die for, and stayed in the Hamptons – she used to seem accessible. It’s always fun to fantasize about what you don’t have but want! Even though she was a heightened version of reality that most women weren’t (but wanted to be so much that everyone would define themselves as “I’m a Carrie” or “I’m a Samantha” etc) she still seemed real. I guess she used to seem more flawed, and even in her fantastical life her problems seemed legit. At this point I might start having to relate to whiny-but-stylish Whitney Port more than Carrie. The boyfriend and friend problems always resonated, but do you also remember when her laptop broke? What about the time she had Aidan move in with her? When she had to quit smoking to be with a guy?

As the show went on, she became more and more glamorous and privileged. She was a writer for Vogue. She went to Paris. And in the movie, as movies will do, everything got even BIGGER. She got married and had the most exciting non-wedding of the world. At some point, we stopped being able to relate to her.

The poster for Sex and the City 2 looks pretty… but it’s not the Carrie I remember. And while evolution of characters is important, I’m just not such a fan anymore. We loved SATC because it was in NYC, and NYC was a character in the show. But it appears they’re taking NYC away for half of this movie movie, and photoshopping the rest of the city – metaphorically speaking. Where’s the grit? Where’s the dude in the alley who stole Carrie’s Manolo’s? Where is THAT show?

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