Kim Cattrall was on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to talk about Sex and the City 2. I very much doubt Fallon has a great amount of interest in SATC 2, but as any good host, he’s able to engage the person he’s interviewing. I’m falling in love with Fallon all over again! And kind of falling out of love with SATC, to be honest…

Kim Cattrall "The best part of SATC is the four women together."

Kim Cattrall "The best part of SATC is the four women together."

While the Sex and the City TV series was something I watched more than once, I only gave the Sex and the City movie one viewing because I felt like somehow, something went terribly wrong. The movie was depressing to me, and the strong women I remembered from the series were all shadows of their once glorious selves. All of the gorgeous fashion and jewelry in the world (and the 6 billion product placements) couldn’t make up for that. And I’ve already heard many very poor reviews of the SATC 2 movie. And that’s really too bad, because I thought that this would be a way to redeem the SATC name.

Sarah Jessica Parker was called Sexylicious by which SATC 2 leading man?

The premiere of SATC 2 was at the Radio City Music Hall. Cattrall says it was so great to open it there, and to feel all of the support that they did. Kim Cattrall mentioned as a joke that when SATC was on TV during the years it was off HBO,  “I think my part was mostly cut out” since the Samantha scenes were always so scandalous. The point is, the viewership for the show rose even as the show was off the air.

In terms of Sex and the City 2 spoilers for Samantha, she is not getting married – that was a trick on us. At least, that’s what it seems like. During the interview, they show a picture of Samantha in the 80’s (when they all the gals met), and she has for an accessory “the original ipod”. Check it out:

Kim Cattrall Talks Sex and the City 2 (5/25/10) Kim Cattrall talks to Jimmy about Sex and the City 2.

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