Anyone else really craving some pre-packed, hard and overly-sweetened cookies? They’re delicious AND I WANT SOME RIGHT NOW.

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Photo: NBC

Seth Rogen SNL 2014 Review

Overplayed: Seth Rogen weed jokes

Funny: Joe Rogen worm jokes

Hipster monologue meeting: Taylor Swift, James Franco and Zooey Deschanel showed up. Outfits by Swift tried to be funny and nearly succeeded.

Just Say No Skit

“Officer sir, I am straight up addicted to Chips Ahoy cookies. But I don’t eat Chips Ahoys all the time. I’ve learned to pace myself. and that is exactly how i’m going to treat my crack.”

This skit was great, but only because of Nasim Pedrad, who reminded me of Amy Poehler in those skits about her Uncle Rick.

CNN Pregnancy Skit

Did Kesha really drop the dollar sign in her name? Ha, CNN sucks. Yup.

Broken Arms Skit

“I was in Afganistan’s.”

Just kind of gross and I think only Cecily Strong shined when she was like “you has.” YOU HAS, guys. You has.

Monster Pals

“You guys got He-man’s hair.”

The sad music cues worked, and I felt bad for those monsters, dammit.

Why let James Franco steal the spotlight? Cause he’ll do it. He’ll DO IT.

Blue River Dog Food

“Have you tasted the trace amounts of chicken?!”

Also? So appropriate. I’ve spent HOURS researching dog foods. Seriously.

Ed Sheerhan performed.

He’s cool and good and I generally approve. I didn’t skip past his stuff, which is saying something.

Weekend Update

Cecily Strong is so good at this, but Colin Jost is awful. AWFUL. Ugh.

Jacob the Bar Mitzvah Boy always saves things. Love him.

Engagement Skit

Jason Mraz. Spencer’s. One time once. I like Cousin Stacey.

“Oh, he don’t know guys!”

Al Sharpton aka C.I.7. – Undercover Sharpton

“The first rule of espionage is to keep it real low key.”

A very Smoky 420

Bing Bong Rollie Jays. Gee, I wonder how they thought up this material. …I don’t like it.

Herman and Sons Sperm Bank

…This? Is actually kind of a genius idea. HOBO SPERM. Haha. I loved this. “Humble Sperm business.”

Sperm to yogurt. Nice. Grossest nice thing ever.


Why did Zooey Deschanel change her dress? Taylor didn’t. That’s kind of ridiculous.

What did you guys think? I feel like this wasn’t nearly as strong as the previous SNL’s with Louis C.K and Anna Kendrick.