Next, Miley Cyrus will tell us she hates being called wild and extroverted. Only an introvert smokes pot on stage, and twerks next to a teddy bear. How did you not know?


Movie: Sellebrity

Premieres: Friday, December 27th, 2013 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT) on Showtime

The paparazzi are rightly refered to as vultures, by many. But do celebrities really deserve to have their cake (the billions of dollars) and eat it too?

About: Features candid interviews of JENNIFER ANISTON, ELTON JOHN, JENNIFER LOPEZ and many more! A candid dialogue about the tone and texture of celebrity, pop culture and media – past, present and future. Fame has become what millions of us follow, believe in and seemingly what we care about most, as well as becoming a billion dollar-a-year industry. But what does our intense fascination with celebrity say about us? And how much is too high a price to pay for our own curiosity run rampant? Fame has its price!

Celebrity photographer Kevin Mazur gives an all access pass to life behind the velvet rope and in front of the camera.

Also features: Kid Rock, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marc Anthony, Sheryl Crow, Salma Hayek.