Secret Diary of a Call Girl will have a fourth and final season to wrap up the drama, the romance, and the really expensive lingerie.

Billie Piper as "Hanna" (aka "Belle") in Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Season 3, episode 8) - Photo: Ed Miller/SHOWTIME

Call us merely a fan of Secret Diary of a Call Girl and we’ll haughtily laugh at you. This underrated Showtime series walked the line between providing serious insights (that then apply to your own life, blah blah) and giving the girly-toned guilty pleasure show that former Sex and the City viewers have craved. So, just a fan? There is no being “just a fan” when it comes to SDOACG! It’s too provocative a ride to merely be content to sit in the back and just mildly observe.

If you aren’t invested, you simply haven’t been watching.

A spark of luck has flown your way, because you have copious caverns full of time to catch up on the first three seasons of Secret Diary of a Call Girl before season four premieres, as production begins in August 2010. Check your facts:

British sensation Billie Piper will reprise her critically-acclaimed role as the title character, with production beginning in London this August. Season four, which will be comprised of eight, half-hour episodes, will follow Belle (PIPER), an internationally successful author, torn between her career and her feelings for her best friend Ben (IDDO GOLDBERG). Additionally, season four will feature a storyline where the high-end London call girl visits New York City.

Between the cast, chic clothes and clandestine meetings… how will we deal with not having a season 5?

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