As Billie Piper resumes her final season opener for Secret Diary of a Call Girl, we hear the familiar voiceover of Hannah. She, as Bell, has just returned from three weeks on a private island. It was a lovely way to pass the time, but now she’s got a brand new home to get used to. Personally, I’m not a fan of her new home. It is all white and modern, lacking the warmth and feisty fun of her old place. And this translates to Hannah being uptight about everything in her new place, making her not the most fun. But this is a new, mature Hannah.

And the new mature Hannah can handle a boyfriend this time, or can she?

As ever, Belle is a pro and not afraid to go the extra mile for a client, especially if it means a challenge for her.  Season 4 again relies heavily on special effects and hallucinations a la Ally McBeal. The comedy is ripe, and I enjoyed every minute of it. I’m very sad that this is the last season. This series is solid, and beautiful. Plus, Billie Piper is delightful as Hannah! When the season finale airs, it’ll be time for me to start at season one again – that’s how good this journey has been.

To Ben or not to Ben, that is the question. (Or at least that is my bad joke!)

Secret Diary of a Call Girl season 4 Fashion and Clothes are amazing this go around, with an emphasis on retro 50’s and 60’s looks. Belle dons a high ponytail with doorknocker earrings, a green cape, retro eyeliner, short gloves, large chain necklaces (admittedly a modern touch), proper cocktail dresses, and one very amusing “plot device” wig.

(Pssst. Billie Piper’s hair in Secret Diary always changes, don’t you love it?)

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