Secret Diary of a Call Girl season 4 will be the last season for the entire show. This is a distressing thought to fans. But I’ve recently recruited a new fan to the series, and through this I am moved to mention two very important points.

Point Number One: Yes, straight males can enjoy this show. In a genuine way. Not in a porny way.

Point Number Two: If you’ve never watched the show previously, it’s still a perfectly good time to buy the DVDs and watch them to be ready for season 4.¬† The miracle would be if enough fans shrug off their biases and Secret Diary of a Call Girl season 4 got such good ratings that it was granted another season. The reality is that you’ll manage to catch this show while it’s still “au curent.” You’re welcome.

How do I prove my bullet points? It’s like this, gang: I mentioned this show to my friend, Alan, as I was re-watching some of the series myself. About a week later, I learned he’d actually dived into the show and was almost finished. More than that, he was now a huge advocate for the series. (I think I saw him using puffy paint for a poster.) Below is the conversation we had:

Alan: So, upon your recommendation, I’m now two episodes from the end of Secret Diary of a Call Girl.
Jessica Rae: That is awesome. Do you like it?
Alan: Nah, I hate it. That’s why I’ve kept on with it for three seasons. It’s amazing.
Jessica Rae: What do you like about it?
Alan: It’s really charming and it has a lot of heart.
Alan: Frankly, when you first recommended it I thought it was going to be a sleazy Taxicab Confessions sort of show or something.
Alan: But it’s absolutely not, it’s warm and witty and charming and well acted and written.
Jessica Rae: It’s kind of artsy and beautiful, isn’t it? I like that you’re implying you wanted to watch it becuase I made it seem like it would be sleazy. Ha!
Alan: Hahaha no, that’s the reason I didn’t want to watch it and never investigated it.
Alan: I wanted to watch it because you recommended it and I trust your taste.
Jessica Rae: Well, that is … sorry, my head seems to be swelling to 5x’s its normal size…

Alan Bradley is a straight male who lives in New York and is lucky enough to write about Video Games for a living. His other interests are zombies  and books. Check out Games Radar for some of his pieces.

Visit Showtime for information on Secret Diary of a Call Girl season 4. Small Screen Scoop will be covering the final season, you can count on that.