Scotty McCreery‘s song choice for American Idol 2011 tonight was “Swinging” – originally performed by Lee Ann Rimes.  But was this song choice the wrong pick? The judges seemed kind of bored.

What did the judges think, in detail?

Steven Tyler – An unenthusiastic Steven said,  “I liked it Scott, it’s good.”

Jennifer Lopez –  “I love your storytelling quality. … I’m just not sure … it’s time to pull out the big guns.” She wants him to push past his comfort zone. “We were expecting more from Scotty.”

Randy Jackson –  “Listen, at this point in the compeition it’s who is really in it to win it… and every time you gotta bring it really hard.” He said it was so safe it was actually kind of boring. With the amount of songs to choose from, he should have picked something else.

What did you guys think? I love the twang in his voice – and his voice is a powerful instrument for sure. (I really didn’t like this song, though.)

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