After three long weeks, Scandal, Twitter’s favorite show, is back. By a virtual show of hands, who was ruined after watching tonight’s episode? If your hand is down then you weren’t watching it right.


Scandal “Top of the Hour” Review

The theme of tonight’s episode is ruin. All the characters we know are ruined in some form or another. Fitz tells Olivia that she ruined him; she counters back saying he too ruined her. That whole phone scene between Olivia and Fitz was wonderfully juxtaposed against the fight between Sarah Stanner (guest star Lisa Edelstein) and her husband. Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn have such sizzling chemistry even when they aren’t in the same room together. That phone call ruined not only them, but me as well. Fitz is still being an ass, and Olivia needs to apologize, but the ice is still pretty thick between the two. Maybe within time it can thaw. Maybe Fitz can use the ice between them to keep his drinks cold since that whiskey glass seems to be permanently fused to his hand.

Cyrus also ruined me with his “is your vagina apolitical comment” toward Olivia. He can get away with murder, almost have his husband killed and I can forgive him. But saying those words to Olivia, well, he’s now dead to me. Until next week when he comes up with another zinger, that is. He almost got me with his “…where your husband is dipping his signing pen these days” to Mellie. Almost, but then I remembered his response to Olivia earlier and he’s dead to me. He’s also still dead to Fitz, who is still keeping him from doing his job as Chief of Staff. But Fitz don’t care, because he saved those hostages without the help of Cyrus, so take that, Cyrus. Get out while you still have some dignity!

Huck is ruining Quinn (or making her awesome; jury’s still out) by coaching her on covert maneuvers and spying techniques. It was, however, nice to see Guillermo Diaz smile when Quinn would guess the right answer. More smiling, Huck! So adorable. Harrison, who was really awesome and in top form tonight, ruined Abby by setting up David Rosen months back. His apology was graceful and remorseful, and I’m not sure how much of his “I’m a gladiator first, person first” speech he really believed.

Jake is also ruined to me. After getting his photograph taken with Olivia, he breaks into the photographer’s house to steal the memory card, but beat the photographer in the process. Did Jake kill him? What was with the smug smile to the camera while in Olivia’s apartment? Last episode I thought Fitz was the creepy one, but I was so wrong. Don’t trust him, Olivia!

And Mellie. Oh, Mellie, you’ve been ruined for a while haven’t you? I can’t really muster up any sympathy toward her, but Mellie is about to burst. She’s about to go full on villain soon. She’s been scorned, is being ignored, is fed up, jealous and angry. Just you wait guys. It will happen soon.

Finally, how good was Lisa Edelstein tonight? Someone give her a show and make her a permanent weekly fixture on some hard core cable drama. I did like the little subtle nod to race when she assumed Abby was Olivia because she’s white – nice job, Shonda Rhimes. After admitting to a long term affair, she confides in Olivia, and she might be the only person in this episode who won’t stay ruined. Olivia tells her: “You’re going to have to learn how to forgive yourself” Olivia tells her, as Sarah seems to take her advice to heart. She’s going to be okay.

Next week is another new episode, and it looks like Jake will be even creepier. Noel Crane, what are you doing?! This is way more intense than “Felicity” ever was, that’s for sure. See you next week!

Written by Jordan Hickman.