After that Scandal season finale on ABC, everyone has one question: Who is Quinn Perkins?

Scandal Season 2 Spoilers possibly follow. Read at your own risk!

Shonda Rimes has a knack for delivering potent cliff hangers, and she did so in the Scandal season 1 finale.

Katie Lowes plays the well-meaning, mild-mannered Quinn Perkins. We know that Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope character does know who Quin Perkins is, but the rest of the team does not. But it’s interesting to note that David (Joshua Malina) knows, and he broke the law to keep her identity protected.

We want to hear your theories!

  • Witness Protection Program? (From another country? Diplomat’s kid? Presumed dead?)
  • Biological child of someone very important?
  • Mafia Princess? We don’t know!

Natalie Abrams (TV Guide) interviewed Shonda Rimes about Scandal Season 2 Spoilers.

Seriously, who is Quinn Perkins, and how soon will we find out?
Rhimes: I think you’re going to find the answer very interesting. I’m still deciding [when we’ll reveal it].

David even protected Quinn.  And will that change their working relationship next season?
Rhimes: The two of them, as much as they spar back and forth, are actually friends and really like each other. They really have gone out of their way to take care of one another as we’ve watched the season unfold. I think that this is another level of that, and it’s something that Olivia won’t soon forget.

Photo: ABC