I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again – Scandal sure knows how to end episodes. No matter the quality of the episode, you can be sure your jaw will be on the floor as the credits roll.


Tonight we find out Jake is not a bad guy, just a little creepy. He’s following orders from his Commander in Chief, who is looking more and more crazy. Who’s the crazy one? The one ordered to watch Olivia, or the guy who ordered the surveillance? But that touching the TV screen was a little creepy, Jake. He’s got to know Fitz and Olivia had an affair, right? Fitz’s jealously is so consuming that he can’t even do his job right. Stop stalking Olivia and run America, Fitz. There are hostages that are dying! There’s a mole in the White House! Huck won’t take a shower! Abby and David keep having sex!

But, I will say that nobody does intense across the room desire like Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn. Their looks are so full of lust and hate and desire, and the scene between the two before Fitz’s speech was way hotter than last week’s horrible closet sex scene. Pretty sure Fitz doesn’t even have control over his eye movements at this moment. Our boy’s all messed up and he’s not even likeable. If you were drinking along with Fitz tonight then you’d be dead, but the guy loves his liquor. I bet if Mellie switched his scotch with tea or ginger ale he wouldn’t even notice because he is just so numb at this point. The guilt of killing Verna and the anger at Cyrus and Olivia is making him a wreck and he’s about to explode. Why Mellie and Cyrus are fighting for his attention is beyond me. But, placing Jake into the mix is sure to create some new drama for the show to explore.


Even though Olivia is falling apart emotionally, she sure is looking good in the process. Those gloves, that dress, her natural, curly hair — I love everything about Olivia, even the speech to Peter’s brother which was meant for Olivia. “You have a pile of secrets and lies and you call it love.” Olivia is tired of living her life and waiting for Fitz; it’s time to actively take charge and get out there. You go, you beautiful, strong woman you! I want Olivia to date Jake and be happy and forget about what a jerk Fitz has become. Because our girl needs to be happy; I need her to be happy.

Huck’s torture, and subsequent waterboarding, has made him afraid of water. He hasn’t showered in days but nobody wants to tell him about how he smells. Quinn finally talks to Huck about the PTSD and Huck tells her he is fine. Their relationship is one I hope we keep exploring. The two really care about each other and it shows. More Huckleberry Quinn, please!


Finally, in a shocking twist, we learn that the guy who killed Wendy and leaked information, is none other than the CIA director, played by the great Kurt Fuller. OMG you guys, what if we get another Billy Chambers-like storyline and he goes crazy and tries to take over the White House?

Tonight wasn’t my favorite episode, but I will be shouting “shut it down” at the top of my lungs for at least the next three weeks.

Written by Jordan Hickman. You can read more from her at www.reallylatereviews.com and follow her on Twitter at @jordan_hickman.