I finally get it – tonight’s episode wasn’t in reference to the SEAL Team who went to rescue the hostages. It was what we were all yelling as the episode ended.


Scandal Review – “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”

Noel Crane, you sneaky devil, you. I knew something was a little fishy with him, but I never thought he was a. . . well, actually, I don’t know what he is. But you guys, did you see all those cameras in Olivia’s house? Are we really to believe Olivia doesn’t know there are 49 cameras in her apartment? She’s too smart to not know what’s up.

Also, Olivia, I’m not sure what to think about you tonight. It’s okay to be treated like a whore because Fitz is sad and lonely? He just grabs you and pushes you around and it’s okay to sleep with him? And then, after the quickie, he still treats you like garbage? Seriously, girl, it’s time to get a little self-respect and kick him to curb for good. You’re a powerful warrior and you don’t need a man, especially one to treat you like that. Tony Goldwyn and Kerry Washington have such hot, wonderful chemistry, but that sex scene in the closet just made me so mad. Whatever the opposite of hot is is what that sex scene was. Also, all of the sex scenes we have seen between the two have been in the past, but tonight’s was the first time we’ve seen them together in the present. Interesting. I’ve always thought Fitz and Olivia would wind up together, but after tonight Olivia does not deserve him. But, the one thing Olivia is doing right is she rocking her wardrobe. Her life might be in shambles, but dangit she’s going to look good in the meantime. That swimsuit, those gloves, that coat. Girl is rocking, and I’m not one to normally notice or care about such things.

Fitz was acting like a pedantic child all episode and his fall from grace is affecting everyone in his path. He needs to do something to redeem himself fast. Drinking alcohol at 7 am isn’t attractive, sir. Nor is his hangdog, ‘woe is me’ attitude. Yes, the people you trust – and the person in whom you put your most faith in – betrayed you, but, dude, you KILLED A WOMAN TO KEEP YOUR GOOD NAME. You’re not innocent in this either, Fitzgerald Grant. Him listening to Mellie’s machinations in the limo was supposed to make her seem like the innocent victim, coerced by the mastermind Cyrus, but Fitz is too smart to believe her. He truly is all alone right now, which is why his scene with Olivia was so disconcerting.

I hate that David Rosen had to crawl back to Olivia Pope and Associates and ask for their help. Especially after the ruined his career and any credibility he once had. And then he goes to her again in the end asking for her help. I want David to join OPA only to take them down. But, he will probably start working for OPA because Olivia’s guilt will get the better of her. Remember, David: you’re THE good guy. We need you, man. You’re not my favorite character, but I have to believe that the white hat will stay on indefinitely. You’re the only one left, David. Keep teaching stupid students government and stay far away from Olivia Pope and redeem your good name. We need you, man.

Finally, I really need to mention Quinn and Huck. She looked way too happy to be stabbing that dead body, and Huck’s face was pure brilliance. If this show is going where I think they are going then we are in for a treat. Huckleberry Quinn, you guys. They work well together, unsurprisingly. I’m loving Quinn’s growth this season. Such a different character than we saw in season one.

Next week might get a closer look into who Jacob (Scott Foley) really is and what his motivations are, more Fitz/Olivia angst, and more, well, scandal.

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