Tonight’s episode was everything. Not too surprising, but man those twists. Those fantastic twists.


When Scandal wrapped up its stellar, stunning and shocking 13 episode run this season, it took a while to really get started. The last few episodes of that run, however, were some of the finest storytelling I’ve seen this television season. Hopefully that’s what’s happening again, because these past few episodes have been missing something. It’s on its way to setting up something big, and I will be there for the ride. In the meantime we get episodes like the one tonight – tons of setup with little payoff. . . except for that ending.

I started writing this review during the commercial breaks, but that ending made me delete everything and start all over. You got me, Bellamy Young. That speech was absolutely fantastic. Who would have thought that Mellie would be the one to snap Fitz out of his drunken, mean stupor? Comparing him to his father, Big Jerry, was just what it took to knock Fitz down. Part of me just wants to transcribe her entire speech here and call it a night. I literally stood up in my living room and clapped when she walked out of the Oval Office. Give Bellamy Young her Emmy now, folks. She definitely deserves it after that on point speech.


What makes this show so addicting are the twists. Somehow in the last five minutes, heck, even the last two, the writers change the game. Instead of handing us fastballs we can hit, they throw a freaking train coming head on that we can’t avoid. In a sort of shocking move, CIA Director Osborne is not the mole, as we find him dead in his car at episode’s end. Jake the snake is the worst, y’all. I was almost on his side, but now I hope he is the mole so Cyrus’s hit man can show him who is boss. I hate that the writers are making Olivia sort of stupid in order to fit within the narrative where Jake is concerned. Her gut must be broken, because she’s letting Jake get close to her. Hours after breaking into her apartment Jake tells Olivia that she looks sad. I thought for sure that something would click when he told her how much wine she drinks. But no, apparently the writers need to let Olivia be stupid a bit longer. At least she’s wearing white, so she’s still the Olivia we know and love. Plus, she still gives killer speeches to spoiled rich girls. That speech was also on point, but Olivia always delivers awesome speeches; she can’t take away Mellie’s pure awesomeness tonight.

In other less shocking news, a girl who kidnaps herself, cuts her own ear off and gets $20 million will obviously choose the money. I’m glad the writers went that route – Maybelle choosing family would have been cliché and wrong. Plus, we got a fantastic, “git!” from Hollis and my heart broke for him. The devil stared down the devil and lost. What’s with this show making me feel sorry for Hollis and absolutely loving Mellie tonight?

In another shocking twist, I’m actually into Quinn and Huck. I like them. Plus, he makes her more interesting, which is what she needs. I’m also into David joining Olivia Pope and Associates. Edison is gone and Stephen quit. Someone needs to be that person who won’t bow down to Olivia, but will call her out on her behavior. David has emerged as Olivia’s antagonist, and I can’t wait to watch him get more comfortable around the other Gladiators and see what Shonda Rhimes has in store for him.

Hopefully continuing its momentum, Scandal returns next week with “Molly, You in Danger, Girl.” See you all next week where I hope we continue to watch this show twist shock us all.

Written by Jordan Hickman. You can follow her on twitter at @jordan_hickman. Scandal season 2 episodes 17 review. Photo: ABC