Saved by the Bell shaped some of our most formative years. What episodes and lessons have stuck with us the most?

Below are six of the most popular Saved by the Bell episodes, and the lesson they taught us.


“Fatal Distraction” – In this classic Saved by the Bell episode Jessie hosts a sleepover with Lisa and Kelly. Zack bugs Jessie’s room, but the girls figure it out and take revenge. Kelly pretends to be crazy, and Slater ends up getting to take her to the big school dance. This episode proved that invasion of privacy ain’t no big deal.

“Screech’s Woman” – The Bambi episode! Screech has no girlfriend, and Zack aims to rectify this. But guess what, no one is willing to date poor ol’ Screechy boy. Ready to take one for the team, Zack dresses up as “Bambi” and goes on a date with Screech. Bambi makes Screech feel like “a young buck.” To demonstrate his love for Bambi, Screech handcuffs himself to his locker. Belding orders Zack to get Bambi to The Max on a date. So Lisa and Jessie bring over some clothes for Zack to wear. (“Can I see something in a blue?”) They even tell him to shave his legs. This episode proves that to be a good friend you have to crossdress.

“House Party” – The Barbara Ann episode! Screech’s parents leave town to visit Graceland, so the group has a party at his house. But Screech’s Mom has an Elvis statue that gets broken. To buy a new one, the gang holds a party. When Zack plays poker, he bets Screech’s dog “Hound Dog” and loses him! But the point is, I have never been able to get “Barbara Ann” out of my head since I saw this episode. This episode proved that you don’t have to know the words to “Barbara Ann” to sing along with it one hundred times.

“Jessie’s Song” I’m so excited, I’m so excited. I’m so, so scared! Jessie has midterms and a singing group, and this equals up to massive pressure. So she takes caffeine pills. Zack gets concerned and cancels her performance. Because she’s so excited, but also so scared. This episode proved that multi-tasking can be hard, even for a type A crazy face. (A lesson most of us will have to learn on our own as we’re knee-deep in sticky notes and lists of shows we DVR’d but never watched.)

“The Last Dance” – It’s time for a costume ball! But Kelly can’t afford a costume without getting a job at The Max.¬† And there, she falls for her boss Jeff Hunter. This proved¬† you should never try to recreate Romeo and Juliet, as it will always end tragically.

“All in the Mall” -U2 Tickets are on sale, but the gang doesn’t score any. What they do score is $5,000 just laying at the mall. Some thugs want the money, and the gang ends up spending the night at the mall in a camping store tent. This episode proved that the gang didn’t have such horrible taste in music. Hey, go get your old U2 cds out… don’t you miss Bono? WHERE THE STREETS HAVE NO NAAAAAAME… Ahem.

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