Savannah Berry sang “As Long as You Love Me” on The Voice 2013.

The Voice Season 4

The Voice Season 4

Song Choice
“As Long as You Love Me”
Justin Bieber

She took a pop song and tried to make it country.

“It’s very clear to me that you’re a writer.” – Blake

Her styling for the Knockouts performance was …heavy. Her hair looked heavy, her makeup was … thick. And she’s so short, so her long dress didn’t help her look taller. And that styling really did throw me off. The outfit was actually good…but the makeup and hair needed some changes so it didn’t look so old. She’s not 40!

“Maybe I’ve found my own Justin Bieber in Savannah.” – Blake

Usher said she can hold her own in country, but can also transcend.

Adam reminded her that he’d loved her from the start. But there was not extra praise from him, or any other judges. Even though we know Blake loved her, it looked bad for her. And as it turned out, he didn’t win. Later, Blake said he thought Savannah would win. But you never know.


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