The highlight of Anna Faris on SNL in October of 2011 had one skit that was better than all of the others. But was it sexist?

The skit in question had Kristen Wiig, Nasim Pedrad, Abby Elliott, Anna Farris (in a very Rachel Berry bow sweater), and Vanessa Bayer. Bayer’s character is loveisck so the rest of the girls become dating mentors. They start off singing the “Tell Him/I Know Something About Love” song by giving typical love advice, but then it moves into the “funny because it’s true” kind of stuff. Read the entire Tell Him SNL lyrics to judge for yourself.

Both versions of the song are kind of sexist. In the original lyrics, the man has to be coddled by a woman who probably comes off as super clingy. The updated SNL lyrics are more realistic song, but they’re still sexist in that they portray women as manipulative jerks and men as clueless morons. The lyrics re-enforce stereotypes about both men and women. (I.E. Men just want to play video games, women just want to trick men into marriage.) And that isn’t entirely true, is it? Just because it’s funny, does it mean it’s not worth examining?

Do you find the song sexist?