Shakira got all KINDS of goosebumps from this performance. And so did I!

This miss is one of my favorite’s this season. Her music … she gives you a sense of emotion and soul every time.

Sasha Allen

Sasha Allen

Her song was “Oh Darling” by The Beatles.

Her sexy black dress was TRES cool, and I honestly want to buy it. Off-the-shoulder stuff is demure-but-sexy. Okay…too many hyphenated phrases, I know, I know!

Sasha reminded me of a sexy lounge singer. But at a good lounge. The one all the hep cats would be at.

“You can still win this thing whether you’re on her team, or my team, or Carson’s team…” – Adam Levine

“Adam gave her up.” – Blake, laughing

“Everybody who just saw that, fell in love with you.” – Blake

Usher was FLUSTERED. He also liked her outfit. Oh man, he DIGS her.


Sasha Allen Oh Darling Video

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