Sarah Simmons was allowed to leave college to audition for The Voice. And by the end of her audition, we all knew why!


“Music has been such a release for me in so many hard times,” she explained. Her parent’s divorce was tough on her. But her Dad? That’s her rock. And there’s nothing wrong with being a Daddy’s girl.

“One of Us” by Joan Osborne was her song pick. “This song means a lot to me,” she said. And even though it’s not a trendy song, it was one of my favorite song picks from the auditions so far.

Adam and Shakira turned around almost instantaneously.

…I was blown away. And so were Blake and Usher, who then both pushed their buttons.

“Oh, listen to her,” her Dad said with tears in his eyes. He knew how talented his daughter was. It was so touching.

And me? I’m ready to buy Sarah Simmons’ album!

“That was incredible,” Adam said. He also said she could win the show. “I know that I can do this with you.”

Blake said, “You may be in my top 3 singers that I’ve ever heard that auditioned for The Voice.”

Shakira loved the softness in the voice, and the rasp and dirty intensity as well. “That is what America really needs today. And what you need…is really a female coach.”

Usher called her “shocking” and said she sang with such conviction and passion. They bonded over being from Tennessee.

So, with four options, who did Sarah Simmons pick?

(Blake yelled out “Pick Blake” as though he was in the crowd. And Adam kept mouthing “please pick me.”)

TEAM ADAM won. Listen, Levine knows how to sell.

“Sarah is not of this earth,” he said. “She is unreal. She is magic.” Damn straight. Shakira pouted. And why did she pick Adam? Because he could help her stay with the soft stuff and also rock. Do you think she might win The Voice 2013?