“You’re a very emotional person, I can tell,” Shakira said after hearing this performance. And it was indeed emotional and beautiful. Sarah Simmons (Team Adam) gave us the beautiful “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan.

Sarah Simmons

Sarah Simmons

“This is when people start to fall in love with who you are.” – Adam Levine

Adam thought she hadn’t had a quiet moment yet, so she needed one.

“Yours is such a sweet soul.” – Adam

She was thinking about one of her friends, Sean, who passed away last year, for inspiration of this song.

Adam wanted her to work on enunciating. And he said he had no doubt that everyone would be crying by the end of the song.

Sarah stood in a sea of dark, with a blue glow surrounding her.

sarah simmons

THE VOICE — Episode 413A “Live Show” — Pictured: Sarah Simmons — (Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC)

Sarah Simmons “Angel” Video

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“Do that.” – Blake to his team, about what Sarah did

Usher felt like her grit came out, and she was incredible.

Shakira told her she was spectacular and incredible.

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