Sarah Shahi (The L Word, Supernatural, Alias) is joining the USA Network family in her new series called Fairly Legal (formerly titled Facing Kate.)

fairly legal posterShahi has been making appearances in all of our favorite TV shows for several years. Remember the Supernatural season 1 premiere? She was that beautiful (and ghostly) woman in white! Remember Will’s (Bradley Cooper) annoying assistant on Alias? That was Shahi! She was even on Dawson’s Creek. And that’s not to mention her appearances on Reba, Psych, The Sopranos…  Now, she finally gets to step forward as the lead of her own TV series.

Fairly Legal Summary:

Kate Reed (Sarah Shahi) is a firm believer that justice can always be found – even if it’s not always in the courtroom. Once a lawyer at her family’s esteemed San Francisco firm, Kate’s frustration with the legal system led her to a new career as a mediator. Thanks to her innate understanding of human nature, thorough legal knowledge, and wry sense of humor, Kate is a natural when it comes to dispute resolution. Except, it seems, when it comes to conflicts in her own life. Since her father’s sudden death, Kate’s relationship with her new boss – her “wicked” stepmother Lauren (Virginia Williams) – has grown ever more complicated, and the situation with her soon-to-be-ex-husband Justin (Michael Trucco), a San Francisco ADA, is no less confusing.

With help from her resourceful assistant Leonardo (Baron Vaughn), Kate’s doing her best to focus on work and avoid her own problems. But with new personal challenges and tough, unconventional cases suddenly on her docket, this newly-minted mediator’s skills are about to be put to the test.

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Fairly Legal premieres on USA Network on Thursday, January 20th at 10/9c.

Fairy Legal airs on the USA Network on Thursdays. Visit the Official Fairly Legal Website and the Official Fairly Legal Facebook Page, but take a moment to catch up on Small Screen Scoop’s Fairy Legal coverage.