The book I will never read: 'Going Rogue'

The book I will never read: 'Going Rogue'

Sarah Palin was on Oprah today. I didn’t watch the entire episode but I did see most of it. I found myself perversely captivated by the entire thing. Of course, the juiciest stuff happens at the end of the interview – and that’s what I’ll be focusing on here.

Oprah was bold in asking the question that is difficult to ask women because it can undermine them. She wanted to know how Palin thought she would be able to have been president (if McCain was gone) while also having all of her kids and all of her duties. Oprah explained her stance on asking the question because women still are the ones who take care of kids the most. I’m not sure that I agree with Oprah on that at all, but I think this is a fair question to ask anyone. You want to hear a reassurance that they’ll have a balance for their life and already have a confidence that they’ll be able to be a Mom/Dad and have this huge job as President. Palin told Oprah, “It never occurred to me that I couldn’t do the job because of my children. My children are my strength.” I understand that – it’s a nice quote. I still don’t like Sarah Palin, though. I don’t even like her stupid hair with those tacky highlights. If she can’t see that her hair looks dumb, why should I trust her with any other important decisions?

Anyway, Oprah retorted (always quick on her feet, that crafty woman!) “As we know, you can have it all – you just can’t have it all at the same time.” Palin agreed and went on to say, “I wouldn’t be out there preaching to every woman to try to have it all unless you have that support system. For practical reasons you have to have the help.” She’s tried to walk the balance of agreeing with Oprah while sticking to her own stance. And it all came off like Palin thought no one could do it but her – that she was an exception. And once she realized this, she spent the rest of the interview talking about how ‘any ordinary woman’ can do anything. Oprah pointed out that Sarah wasn’t just any ordinary citizen anymore, but Palin deflected that.

They got to the meat of an issue that Palin didn’t resolve in her book. Oprah asked why Palin resigned. “I resigned as the Governor of Alaska because I wasn’t going to run again.” Oprah asked the natural question – “Why not finish what you started?” Palin just started blabbing without answering the question (politicians are skilled at this). Then Palin did start to explain her stance without meaning to, citing that she wanted to be able to talk freely without getting a lawsuit or ethics violation charge. Uh, maybe she shouldn’t do anything that would cause a lawsuit or ethics violation charge? Just a suggestion.

Palin quoted her Dad, saying she isn’t retreating – she’s reloading. Reloading to run as president in 2012? Naturally Sarah Palin would not confirm or deny this to Oprah, even though O pushed for us! Well, guess what. Without a “No” I am pretty sure we have a “Yes”. Because if you aren’t going to run, just say it. She’s at least thinking about it. And that’s scary. Isn’t 2012 when all of that apocalyptic stuff is going to happen? We may know why…

Oh – and during the interview, Sarah Palin resentfully discussed Levi Johnston (and his media tour) and then said he had an open invitation to their Thanksgiving dinners. I think he should show up as a joke.