For those of us who grew up watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and loving teen films like Cruel Intentions and I Know What You Did Last Summer) it seems impossible that someone might not know and mildly worship Sarah Michelle Gellar. Good ol’ SMG may have not have had the friendliest fan behavior for a leading lady, but she was respectable and a great actress. When she first hosted SNL in the 90’s I taped it on my VHS player. But now I, and you, can relive her three hosting gigs on SNL via the Netflix Instant watch feature.

As an icon, SMG was tapped three times for hosting duties. Now that she’s returning to TV (in The CW’s Ringer) you should familiarize yourself with her, and get started on your squeeing. Here’s hoping she gets a fourth hosting gig.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – SNL – 1998 – with musical guest Portishead

Look for the “I Drive a Dodge Stratus” bit, and enjoy the Seinfeld/vampire crossover. For Buffy fans, you’ll love the sign SMG holds up at the end.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – SNL –  1999 – with musical guest Back Street Boys

Buffy costars David Boreanaz and Seth Green guest star.

Sarah Michelle Gellar – SNL – 2002 – with musical guest Faith Hill

Her infamous Christina Aguilera skit is noticeably absent on Netflix, but easily found on Youtube. My favorite skit is about personal safety.