sarah michelle gellar posession

I have had the Sarah Michelle Gellar / Lee Pace movie “Possession” in my Netflix que since FOREVER. It was never released in theaters and is now finally being released direct to DVD. Gellar is someone we loved on TV as Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, and Pace was the adorable lead in Pushing Daises – who is also seen a in the new Kristen Bell movie “When in Rome”. It looks fully creeptacular, and the DVD cover actually freaks me out. Gellar has another movie coming out that I’m looking forward to even more: Veronika Decides to Die.

Possession Synopsis: Newlyweds Jess (Sarah Michelle Gellar) and Ryan (Michael Landes) seem to have it all until a car accident renders both Ryan and his brother Roman (Lee Pace) comatose. But things spin even more eerily out of control when Roman wakes up and tries to convince Jess that he is her husband. Beside herself with fear and grief, Jess grapples with the one question: could the man before her actually be the man she lost…or does something far more sinister await her in his arms?