Sandra Bullock was one of the highlights of the MTV Movie Awards this on Sunday. In a black sequined dress (with such a low scoop in the back that Betty White noted that Sandra better never wear that thing backwards by mistake) and a low ponytail, she looked truly beautiful. While Bullock did lock lips with Scarlett Johansson briefly, it’s clear that Bullock’s glow is due to loving something else. Read on to discover what could be sexier than Scar Jo!

Instead of becoming toxic and angry, Sandra’s become a role model for how to honor your feelings without letting yourself become dragged down by them. When you have a new life, and it’s a life that’s been born out of changes you didn’t want – it can be hard to be gracious about it all. It seems that Sandra Bullock, now more than ever, loves her life, and loves herself.

Considering all of the obstacles there are between you and the reality of loving your life or loving yourself, I think MTV should have another award. An award based on the opposite of what Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are all about. An award for people who navigate the paparazzi with dignity and no pandering.

I’m not sure when Bullock was chosen for the Generation Award, but I hope they didn’t pick her simply because of what has gone on in her life to make her a hot topic. Bullock’s career is worthy of an award, and I’ve always found her to be one of the celebrities who comes across as outstandingly genuine.

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock

I’ve been a fan of Sandra’s since I saw The Net (back when the idea of someone stealing your identity wasn’t anything but a scary thought in movies), and then I proceeded to watch the movie Speed about 50 times in a row (I’ll admit, Keanu Reeves helped). I would even bring a picture of Sandra Bullock into the hair salon with me, that is how much of an idol of mine she was.

Sunday was the day Sandra Bullock accepted the MTV Generation Award. This was an anticipated event, since Sandra hasn’t spoken in public after the truth about Jesse James’ cheating broke. But why should she let that keep her from accepting an award? She gracefully accepted it, and along with her was her trademark humor. You could tell the crowd felt especially proud for her, giving her a standing ovation as she went to the stage.

In her acceptance speech, Bullock told the crowd that she wants to “go back to normal” but also added that we shouldn’t expect her to disappear because she’s “not going anywhere”. Amen to that. As long as she wants to stay around, I hope she does. But I also feel very protective, I hope people can let her have more peace so she can just be with her family and do her career without feeling like it’s suffocating her.

“No matter what you might have seen or heard or read lately, I like what I’m doing and I’m not going anywhere. Speaking of what you might have seen or heard, I wanted to clarify some things: Number one, I’m not dead. Number two, everyone has cellulite, not just me.” – Sandra Bullock

Bullock shared a short kiss with Scarlett Johansson on stage. Johansson is wife to Ryan Reynolds, who was Bullock’s co-star in The Proposal.

Watch the clip of Sandra Bullock accepting her Generation Award at the MTV Movie Awards below:

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