Sam and Dean Winchester Pumpking Carving Template from

Sam and Dean Winchester Pumpking Carving Template from

Well, it’s not too hard to find some pumpkin carving templates for Supernatural – like the faces of Sam and Dean Winchester, or the holy Impala. And while that’s cool and I respect the people who make those (vectorizing images, mayhaps?) that’s not what this post is about! Nope. Instead I’d like to turn our attention to what Sam and Dean would put on their own pumpkins. Even if Dean can get cocky sometimes (cough), I still doubt he’d slap his own mug on a pumpkin. That’s just a bit much.

Granted, the boys are kind of in the middle of an apocalypse and proooobably not going to be carving any pumpkins this year. But they sometimes do go out of their way to celebrate a holiday – just to hold onto some semblance of ‘normal’. So, I surfed the net and found what I think our boys might carve into their jack o lanterns.

Dean’s pumpkin: Naked Lady Mudflap “Trucker GirlBecause it’s classy. So classy.


Sam’s Pumpkin: George Washington It’d take skill and time, Sam (ever the overachiever) would be proud to call this his pumpkin. Dean would probably scoff and maybe even smash it later during a fight.


Feel free to leave comments with what you think Sam and Dean might opt to carve into a pumpkin.