Saltine’s aren’t as easy as you think, yo.

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Barney attempts the Saltine Challenge on How I Met Your Mother season 9, episode 20. Photo credit: CBS

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@OfficialAshleyZ: (20:07:28) @HimymCraig @CarterBays i’ve tried the saltine challenge multiple times, and i have to say, it’s not nearly as easy as it looks! #himym

Do you think you could have more saltine challenge success than Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) did on ‘How I Met Your Mother’?

In the oddly-titled* ‘How I Met Your Mother’ episode titled “Daisy” we saw Barney decide that a “challenge accepted” moment (that he issued to himself) was for the saltine challenge.

For those not sure about the rules, you have to essentially “just” eat six Saltine crackers in under a minute. We say “just” because eating those salty crackers in a row like that, is actually very difficult. Especially because the rules also state you can’t have anything to drink, and must get every crumb.

The challenges of the Saltine challenge are that you get dry mouth, and it becomes difficult to swallow.

It doesn’t appear that Barney mastered the challenge. Have you ever attempted this challenge – and more importantly – did you succeed?

*Until about halfway through the episode. Then it made is all laugh, and THEN cry.

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