You gotta know that Ryan Seacrest could host a show on just about any network he wanted. That’s how much cache he has. So, why NBC? Why “The Million Second Quiz”?

the million second quiz

The Million Second Quiz. Photo: NBC

In a conference call to promote the new series today, Small Screen Scoop talked to Host and Executive Producer Ryan Seacrest as well as creator/EP Steven Lambert and fellow EP David A. Hurwitz.

The trio were upbeat, professional, and downright excited to talk at length about what the show entails and why they think it’s so exciting. And if you thought it was just a typical game show… you’re wrong. Of the game, Seacrest say it’s, “Part game, part quiz, and part rock concert.” Plus, you can win $10.00 every second. So, thaaaaat’s pretty cool. That’s like, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills kind of cash! You could be lunching with Lisa Vanderpump in no time.

Seacrest talked about nerves, and why he likes them. “I love the adrenaline rush that we all get when we participate in something live like this.”

To remind us how different a experience this is from other shows, Seacrest said that, “I’ve never seen this kind of response, at this scale…” for people to participate in a game show. The ambition, the scale, and the fact that it’s a live event were all reasons that Seacrest was excited to get on board. Of those nerves, he said he “(tries) to thrive off of it.” And he is very passionate about the whole experience.”Frankly, it’s been the best big idea in almost a decade that I’ve really wanted to get involve in and host in prime time,” he explained. “I said, let’s go for it.”

Of course…
“Now that I’ve gotten here, I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into”
More than ten million games have already been played – so get the app and join in the fun. (For those who don’t want to play, but love the idea of being with a group of fans watching TV at the same time, and seeing the top comments – check out the SideCastr app!)

And how does host Seacrest, himself, fare at the game? “Let’s just say that there are a lot of people in several states that beat me.”

The Million Second Quiz will premiere Monday, September 9th at 8 pm EST on NBC.