Ryan Braun sucks balls

Ryan Braun sucks balls

Tonight I’m watching the MLB 2009 All-Star Game on FOX. The All-Star game actually means something now because whichever league wins gets home field advantage in the World Series. So you’d like to see the players show a little hustle.


Ryan Braun just watched a ball bounce around left field while he made a daisy chain and picked a booger and ate it, allowing Joe Mauer of the AL to score and tie up the game.

Maybe it’s because the Brewers suck and have no chance in hell of making the World Series, so Braun just doesn’t care. But I’m awfully sick of the attitude I see from a lot of Milwaukee Brewers. They untuck their jerseys after they win, like they are 15 year-old street ball players. It’s classless and poor sportsmanship and I certainly don’t think any better of Ryan Braun after he let the American League, who has won the All-Star game the last 12 years in a row, tie the game up when he could’ve tried a little harder and kept the runner from rounding 3rd base and heading for home.

I’d just like to see a little initiative. Also, the play after Braun got caught peeing against the outfield wall while a ball rolled by him, guess who made a diving stop at 1st base, gallantly sacrificing his body for the ball in order to get the 3rd out and hold the game tied at 3 runs? Albert Pujols.

Offff course he did.