Russell Brand was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno last night to promote his new movie Get Him to the Greek. He wore a white suit, with the shirt unbuttoned to show his hairy chest. How very…rock star-like? I am not going to call it sexy!

russel brand on jay leno

I liked the second part of the interview where he talked about acting while wearing hats. Though Brand is quite a …character, he is also very funny most of the time. He also calls Las Vegas a “neon abomination” – you’d think he’d love that place, wouldn’t you? I also loved when Brand talked about Jay Leno’s fashion sense (read: he has none) with the denim on denim. Then he runs around and says “I’m loose” and I found it charming rather than annoying. Whenever Kristen Bell has talked about working with Russell Brand on Forgetting Sarah Marshall, she’s said he’s actually very sweet and well-behaved. Maybe that’s true?

The movie did not seem appealing to me until I watched the clip shown on Leno – which is a longer version of the TV trailer. I think this movie might be very fun to watch, after all.

When he talked about Katy Perry he said it was either love at first sight, or a concussion. “I immediately knew it was either a concussion or love.” Now who can’t relate to that? Wait, just me? Psh.

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Part 2: Russell Brand talks engagement to Katy Perry and Get Him to the Greek.

russell brand katy perry

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