parenthood-nbc-4Craig T. Nelson was just on The Tonight Show. And all I could think was that despite liking the show he’s on now (Parenthood) I don’t think I like him. But then he started talking. And I liked him. He seems nice, and he’s one of those famous people who aren’t afraid to use their position to rock the boat. And if you say “what position does HE have, he isn’t on many red carpets!” – he was just on The Tonight Show. Despite Jay Leno being a deplorable human, this show still has good ratings. My point?  Millions of people just heard Nelson. So that seems like a pretty powerful position to have.

But the best part about Nelson was how he brought along a behind-the-scenes video he made, which included a moment with one of the kids on the show. And I had a moment of CLARITY. That little kid is totally a mini version of Matthew Gray Gubler in his mannerisms/speech and even kinda how he looks (minus the haircolor).

P.S. I am half-listening to the show now. Rumer Willis has a 62 Impala? Do you think she’s a fan of Supernatural or just really lucky? Her personality is annoying. Stop trying to be funny. Ugh. Painful interview.