Who would have thought that Tinker Bell would pal around with Regina?!

tinkerbell once upon a time

Actress Rose McIver became newly popular after she landed the coveted part of Tinker Bell (Tinkerbell) on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. She was first seen in Season 3, sharing many scenes with Lana Parrilla (Regina.) The episode was called, “Quite a Common Fairy.”

McIver is from New Zealand, and can also be seen on Showtime’s Masters of Sex. Movie fans will remember her as Lindsey Salmon in The Lovely Bones movie adaptation.

Her parents are also in the arts. Her father is is a photographer and her mother is an artist.

Rose McIver has no public, verified, Twitter page. There are a few fake pages at this time, though. The most popular of which is @Rose_McIver.

tinkerbell once upon a time

tinkerbell ouat


rose mciver once upon a time

once upon a time tinkerbell