sydney alias

Ever wanted to be a spy? I’m slightly intrigued by the new truTV show premise for Rogue Society. The show will follow a group that is out to expose business people who try to lie and take advantage of other’s. I just re-watched the first episode of Alias, so I am already in the mindset to learn tricks to fool people. And maybe steal top secret stuff. If I have time.

Here is the show info: ROGUE SOCIETY (working title) – If you’ve been scammed by a used car salesman or cheated by a crooked contractor, there’s one group dedicated to helping you get even – and then some. They’re the Rogue Society, armed with hidden cameras and a mischievous imagination. Their mission is to expose bigots, jerks and scam artists through hilarious pranks. ROGUE SOCIETY comes to truTV from Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment (Scott Baio is 45… and Single).