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rodeo girls a&e

Rodeo Girls. Photo Credit: A&E

There’s plenty of reality show drama in A&E’s latest series about women that ride in the Rodeo. But if you were hoping to escape exploitation of the idea that women can’t do powerful things without being sexy, think again.

The poster for Rodeo Girls features a rider on her horse, while wearing an impractical pink bikini top for maximum heaving bosom appeal. The tagline cleverly says, “pretty tough.”

As the rest of the series information doesn’t seem to reflect the ideals of the poster, we can only hope there’s at least one strong female rider on the show that doesn’t reduce herself to a sexy stereotype in order to feel relevant in her chosen career.

Please note: A&E has a new premiere date for “Rodeo Girls.”

Follow the Twists and Turns in the Lives of Five Tough-as-nails Barrel Racers as They Confront Tumultuous Relationships and Fierce Competitors

Rodeo Girls Premiere Date:


A&E®Network has brought in its newest original series Rodeo Girls from The Weinstein Company and Left/Right. The six-episode series follows five female barrel racers as they pack up their lives and their horses to test their skills at rodeos across the country. Aspiring to keep their relationships and riding in check while they’re on the road, these ladies work hard, ride fast and play rough. Rodeo Girls premieres Wednesday, December 11 at 11PM ET/PT and Thursday, December 12 at 10PM ET/PT and continues every Thursday at 10PM ET/PT.

Follow model-turned-rodeo queen Darcy “No Fear” LaPier. With three famous husbands behind her, Darcy brings a big checkbook as well as her grit and determination to the competition. Marvel Murphy is a seasoned rider whose wild past haunts her at every fairground and keeps her running in and out of the ring. Former champ Barb West returns to the circuit to reclaim her title after getting married and spending two years nesting at home. Rookie racer Megan Etcheberry grew up on the circuit, but still needs to win some races before she can officially call herself a pro. Youth barrel racing champ Jessica Holmberg has the skills to compete, but not always the funds.

And where there are cowgirls there are sure to be cowboys. Ty Murphy is Marvel’s hot-headed cousin and trainer, who is good with horses and bad with women. Anthony Lucia, a professional stunt roper and amateur Lothario, wines and dines more than one cowgirl.

These ladies prove that rodeo life is more than just boots, chaps and spurs. Tumultuous relationships and fierce competitions leave plenty of drama to go around. – Via Press Release