Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr is Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. had quite a “wake up and notice this shit” entrance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno earlier tonight. Though Downey wore a simple ensemble of beat up jeans and a motorcycle jacket with (tres sexy) scruff on his face, (and shiny red shoes I didn’t notice at first EDIT: Nike Sneakers) he had a posse of sexy girls dancing around before he walked out. He definitely seemed humbled by the stunt, and laughed. It’s all in good fun, and I really love RDJ for being so damn fun about everything!

He’s currently on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, and Jay asked about what he meant in his interview about being a pain in the ass. “That means I’m a pain in the ass,” he quipped without a beat. “I don’t think I’m hard to deal with…” He went on to say he had noticed he was  a hard ass about keeping things artistic with Iron Man 2. And I like that. You gotta have standards. Some people are perfectionists, and that’s okay (I’m biased, and I bet you can guess why).

For his birthday, Jamie Foxx MC’d his party. He did a 10 minute rendition of “Blame it on the Alcohol” – which is priceless. Foxx also gave him HORSES as a birthday gift. “I’m terrified of horses,” Downey admitted. “It’s ridiculous. … How do I top that, what do I get for him?” Downey really isn’t a fan of horses. He said,  “They’re kind of like 800 lb cats. They don’t care. Maybe more. I don’t know how much they weigh!”

Never shy to comment on his past, at one point he mentioned, “I fell apart like 10 years ago, now everything is fine.” This was followed by a self-aware smile. Bravo! Yea, I have a crush on him. But I bet you do, too. Who DOESN’T have a crush on this man?

Downey really wants Leno to go to therapy, and then he said maybe they should go together. “That would be the most obscure couples therapy that I could think of.” Totally. Film it and let us watch.

Robert Downey Jr. makes a grand Iron Man 2 entrance with the Ironettes.

Robert Downey Jr. talks about therapy and making Iron Man 2.

Robert Downey Jr. Quotes

Therapy? “Therapy just works.” Is an hour enough? “Usually not.”

Does RDJ want to be a superhero? “It’s hard to think of myself, without having some sort of super hero component. … I’ve got all the ones I want. I’m Tony Stark. I’m Iron Man.”

What was it like kissing close friend Gwyneth Paltrow? “I don’t remember. It would be like if you and me starting making out right now.”

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