Without the presence of Sarah Michelle Gellar, I would have given up on Ringer already. I’m not sure how many people out there are still watching the series. But, I feel bad that my reviews are never super positive. So, I’m going to try and focus on what I actually did like about “Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna.”

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Ringer “Shut Up and Eat your Bologna” Review

For starters, the mention of bologna is funny. Does anyone past first grade willingly eat this stuff? The idea of using a line from the show as an episode title isn’t groundbreaking stuff (Damages, The Hills, The City have all done it recently) but I like that we never know who will say the episode title. For this episode I was definitely curious about both who would say it and how it would come into the conversation. It’s hard to picture Siobhan feeding bologna to anyone, you know?

Although, yes, I can picture Bridget-as-Siobhan saying it.

And, if I can bring up a small critique… Bridget has really stopped trying to assume Siobhan’s personality at all. There has to be some middle ground that would be safer than acting like an out-and-out different person. Maybe I’m as paranoid as Siobhan apparently was, but I think Bridget should stop being so relaxed around Andrew.This is not to say I don’t adore Bridget’s wit, it’s just that her wit + her ignorance on things like Turks and Caicos (which I only know because I watch too much of The Real Housewives of Orange County)

Do you guys have theories on what’s going on? I do, so I’ll share. Siobhan was paranoid and knew that someone was out to get her or kill her, etc. She decided to have them go after her twin sister, by tricking her twin into assuming her place. I assume that Siobhan is both a very selfish person, but also feels justified n trading her life for Bridget’s since Bridget is the reason her son died. The real Siobhan is now trying to kill Bridget. After that, which I assume will probably be Ringer season 2 (if it gets a season 2) we’ll see what Siobhan’s next step would be – either trying to live out her life as Bridget (the cops are easily bought, apparently), or coming back and saying Bridget stole her life. And if I’m right about this stuff? That’s not good. I shouldn’t be able to guess this much of the show so far ahead. Ringer needs to take some tips from Revenge and The Walking Dead. I can’t even figure out what’s going to happen in the next episodes of those shows, let alone several episodes down the line.

Something I’d guessed in a previous Ringer review is that Gemma was still alive. I don’t think the real Siobhan knows she’s alive. Either way, the ending shot of the episode should have focused on helpless Gemma. Malcolm got out of that house with so much time to spare it seems pretty sad that he was so close to rescuing her.

But, at least the end of the episode did include a great song – “Flowers Bloom” by High Highs.


  • The Real Housewives of Orange County or The Real Housewives of New York, Beverly Hills, etc – if Bridget wanted some source material to study she could stay in all day and watch Bravo. Am I right?!
  • No Zooey Deutch. Did you guys know that Jessy Schram (who was recently on ABC’s Once Upon a Time as Cinderella/Ashley) is friends with her? And both Deutch and Schram have had an onscreen romance with Jason Dohring. Wonder if they bonded about him. (Technically Juliet and her teacher haven’t done any kissing yet, but it’s pretty inevitable.)
  • The fashion was passable at best. But Sarah Michelle Gellar’s hair continued to be awesome. That swoopy, parted ponytail when she was on the couch with Andrew at the start? Siobhan’s off to the side braid? That’s some great hairstyle variation for just one actress.
  • I’d like to know a lot more about the shared past and history between the twins.

Grade: D

Rewatch: Nope.

React: What do you think of Ringer these days?

Ringer airs on The CW and stars Sarah Michelle Gellar.