Ricky Gervais did what anyone in this modern world does when they’re mildly unhappy or unable to sleep, he took to his blog to write about the recent finale of The Office. His negative-sounding remarks included a line about “If you’re going to jump a shark, jump a big one.”

Now, a new blog post is up which says, “Sorry, who dissed The Office finale? I f$*king didn’t, that’s for sure. I simply said it’s different to the original which I created and made with different ambitions. What’s wrong with that?” Continuing in that vein, he doesn’t hide the fact that money played a large part in that ambition. “The US version of The Office has probably made me ten times the money that the UK version did. I wouldn’t knock it. It’s still my show. All I said was I do it for different reasons.”

To address the shark bit, he wrote, “The bit about it ‘jumping the shark’ and being like Chris Martin in Extras was meant to be a little self deprecating in-joke. I myself, did a fun but pointless, over-hyped cameo in the episode too remember. I did it for a laugh like everyone else, I assume.”

Still, it’s hard not to read into what he wrote in that initial reaction post where he said, “I assume most people know I didn’t do the US remake for the art. I did my version for the art. That’s why I stopped it after a few hours of telly.” This seems to indicate that the original show has integrity and was created with passion, while the US version is devoid of everything but the ability to consistently churn out episodes on time. That doesn’t sound like a grateful or supportive person. Not that Gervais needs to be (or is known to be) either.

So what do you think? Did Ricky Gervais just want to save face? Or was he kidding the entire time? If you were Ricky, would you be proud of where the show is now? After all – Erin is only mildly more endearing than when she started, Angela has lost her zing, and Jim and Pam have become the worlds most boring couple. Does that sound like a show you want to recommend to someone?