Revolution just became something I hate watch rather than simply enjoy. (And I can enjoy almost any show!) Read about why in this Revolution “Soul Train” Review.

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We lost Maggie last week. They made a makeshift grave, and Miles was all “let’s move!” And soon enough they moved close enough to hear a train. I’m thinking about a really great Firefly episode right now. I’m thinking about Nathan Fillion, and how I have to catch up on Castle… and I’m doing a lot of thinking that doesn’t involve this show, at all. Not the best sign.

Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) really is still alive, and stuck with Monroe. The flashbacks have been confusing so I wasn’t sure if she was dead now or not. It’s more interesting that she’s alive.

“You, guard nipples.”

This week, we’re getting background on Captain Tom Neville (Giancarlo Esposito.) He’d been a pretty restrained, respectable citizen before the power went out.

Syfy aired a promo for Defiance, which actually looks a lot like Firefly/Revolution/BSG – but not like anything I’d enjoy.

Harry Potter? He lives!

“I’m looking for a biography of Joe Biden.” – Nora, because only Leslie Knope would sincerely want that book.

Nora has an American flag tattoo to prove she’s one of the good guys. That seems like it’d take a lot of time to have done. Plsu you’ve got the different colors… kind of a hassle for rebels to have done.

Charlie is pretty smart with that whole “spying on my boyfriend” deal.

“Everyone’s here for the train, right?” – Charlie

That tight shirt kid is totally Neville’s son! Or did Neville say his son is dead?

Oh, sure, plead with the enemy. You’re a cute girl, he’s a cute guy – maybe he’ll just decide to switch to the good team. This is reaching Twilight levels of annoying.

This show seems like The Civil War.

I also have to mention that when you think about The Walking Dead – they obviously have it much worse. The people on Revolution don’t have to deal with zombies at all! Just each other, and other humans are what became the monsters.

Hutch is crazy.

This show is boring. The main characters annoys me, and I don’t even think I care why the power went out. I mean, I care a little bit. But I hate Miles and Charlie so much!

Chardly has never even left her town before, but now she’s crawling around on top of a MOVING TRAIN? So believable.

They should just blow up this train and end this show.

Miles is no Captain Mal Reynolds. I just really want him to be.

Oh, see. Nate (Jason – rather)  is that son. Called it.

Sorry, Eric Kripke. But really, this is the show you want me to watch?

You know why Supernatural worked? Aside from the plot being good? The characters were likeable and they both had a sense of humor in their own way.  (Dean Winchestser moreso than Sam Winchester, of course.) But not even the token funny guy,m Aaron, has much of a sense of humor. This show is a long, boring, dry hour.

They need to change the characters, some of the casting, and have better dialogue.

Twelve pendants.

In two weeks: Human trade. Blah blah. Sex stuff.

REVOLUTION — “Soul Train” Episode 105 — Pictured: Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie Matheson — (Photo by: Brownie Harris/NBC)