Previously… The power is OUT and no one knows why. But they have lots of great puns about wanting people to light the way.

Live blogging Revolution “Chained Heat”

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Okay, so the show is definitely doing lots of flashbacks. Which is cool. Elizabeth Mitchell is back!

Now we know why Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) feels so guilty about Charlie being taken. That kind of thing stays with you.

“There’s no more fire trucks, sweetheart.” See, that’d scare me a lot. We need protectors!

This reminds me a bit of “The World Without Out Us” which is a novel by Alan Weisman. But in that scenario, all humans are gone. Still, without electronics there are many things that would overlap in each of these imagined realities. (Interesting note: the novel says that the longest lasting evidence of our human existence would be radioactive waste, bronze statues, plastics, and Mount Rushmore. Maybe we should be carving more things into mountains. Does this mean the Pyramids wouldn’t also be standing?)

Miles (Billy Burke) doesn’t play well with others. “It’s been one day into this trip, already you’re a pain in the ass.” She’s got a single mind.

“We built ourselves an electric tower or Babel.”

I wonder why they have to burn the American flag… government is gone so they no longer even recognize themselves as Americans? Or to use that old flag?

Monroe (David Lyons) in this tent reminds me of the tents used in war on Game of Thrones.

“She’s really good at blowing stuff up.” – Miles

Charlie is kind of an idiot.

I really love Zak Orth on this show.

Okay, she’s starting to break my heart. Maggie, I mean.

Captain Tom Neville has a way of honor about him that makes it hard to hate him 100%. Dammit. (Hi Giancarlo Esposito!)

He’d smash in a girl’s face for food? Gross. People are horrible. This is why a cat is one of my best friends. A cat might eat you, but only after you’re a corpse. And I appreciate that.

Charlie has a “poor me” complex. She’s the only character I don’t like. And she’s the main protagonist, making that suck. I even liked Kate on Lost more than her! Bangs head. I’m even allowing room for the whole “she was sheltered” thing.

Aaron can’t keep secrets very well. At all. And he’s still way too hopeful about things. The glass is very, very empty, dude!

A sunflower field as a graveyard. Poetic and creepy.

“If you think something, then say it.”

Torches are so cool. …And now you think I’m a pyro.

“I didn’t want to be rescued.” I love Nora. She’s played by Daniella Alonso, who once annoyed me on One Tree Hill. But now I think it was just OTH that annoyed me.

Someone has higher-than-thou morals. (Hint, it’s Charlie. And I have a feeling it’ll always be Charlie.)

I feel conflicted because I wanted Charlie’s Dad to shoot the thief.  … OH, yay. Well, that’s too bad. OH IT WAS THE MOM? Even better. Twist. I’m impressed she got that shot in! Was it just luck? Who knows. Determination always helps.

I think the greatest thing about this show is that it makes us all want to go be wild adventurers.  But what do you think? Do you find Charlie as awful as I do?

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