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"Modern Family" on ABC

There were several new shows to hit the airwaves tonight and here’s what your intrepid Small Screen Scooper thought of them.

Modern Family, ABC: I’ll give it another episode or so. It wasn’t perfect and it certainly isn’t the best new comedy of the season (as some reviews are claiming). But I did laugh out loud a couple times. I love the gay couple and I love the Colombian second wife/step-mother. The Julie Bowen family needs serious work. They drag the show down.

Cougar Town, ABC: THIS is the best new comedy of the season. I laughed out loud many times. Courteney Cox is fantastic and her supporting cast is

great. Tune in for this.

Eastwick, ABC: LOVED IT. I can’t wait to see more. Really strong first episode. All three leading ladies are great and the men in their lives are hilarious. Except for Kat’s awful husband. He needs to

be hit by a bus as soon as possible.

Mercy, NBC: The main character Veronica is great. But the writing and the supporting cast… nto so much. If it doesn’t get better, I’m erasing it off my DVR schedule.