Bill Cosby must have a strong marriage. For his latest special is particularly tough on the idea of marriage, and his wife.

bill cosby 2014 comedy central special far from finished

Bill Cosby: Far From Finished. Photo: Comedy Central



Bill Cosby partners up with Comedy Central for his first comedy special in over three decades. “Far From Finished” is the highly anticipated look back into the funny, satirical and heart-warming style of the iconic comedy legend himself.


This Bill Cosby special aired on Comedy Central in November of 2013, and it is now available for owning on DVD or Blu-ray.


I love Bill Cosby, but…there’s a “but.” I’m not entirely sure I loved this special. In my memories about him, he’s always been a family guy, someone who could make you laugh without feeling dirty or annoyed. The topic of this special is mostly about girlfriends and wives. There’s also a bit about raising children. This is definitely a special that a married man woudl love, and his wife would (even if she is laid back) not especially appreciate.

Did I laugh? Most assuredly, there were about five or six instances where I laughed out loud. But otherwise, I was kind of …perturbed to see such a jaded Cos! Most of his jokes about his wife seem pretty generic. Yes, wives have phones on their side of the bed, and they don’t let husbands move their own things, and they might be the only one with a key. But after a while, all of this piling up started to make me feel oddly sad. It sounded like Cosby regretted getting married, based on what he was saying. It was also the wrong thing to show to anyone who is ever thinking about getting married. And Cosby is a trustworthy comic, we’re all more likely to believe what he offers up in his jokes than we would with newer comics. What he says matters.

Of course, I have to mention that Cosby’s facial expressions are genius. Always have been, and they always will.

Of all that Cosby’s done, this is the only thing that I would not recommend to other’s. But, I do want to point out that the Amazon reviews of this title show that most people differ in my opinion, and are very pleased with it.

This is Cosby’s first comedy special in 30 years. May we all hope for many more. He’s a gem of America, and his talent cannot be surpassed.

Special Features:

· Interview with Bill Cosby

· Gangbusters #1

· Behind the Scenes

· Fans


DVD – $16.99 ($18.99 in Canada)

Blu-ray – $19.99 ($22.99 in Canada)

DVD – $12.99 on Amazon

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