Last week, in a “coincidence” the star-crossed lover Jiana was put against Phil, and she was sent home. This week, the models walk around and then lounge in the grass. Oh, it’s such a tough life to be a model this week!

America's Next Top Model: The episode where Jourdan falls from grace! Photo: The CW

America’s Next Top Model: The episode where Jourdan falls from grace! Photo: The CW

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 20, Episode 9

Phil – Either a mad genius, or total batslamming crazypants. He’s also a wiseguy, which comes off smarmy and pretentious more often than not. When he crumpled up the jacket during the runway, it just showed how little he knows about the modeling industry.

“You are turning into the ugliest woman…” – Rob Evans about Phil

Jourdan – Acts “benevolent” and lets Rennee join her in the Tyra Suite. And it appears she only brought Renee in to brag and make someone listen to her. Jourdan seems like the kind of person who will easily succeed, but will have to use her loads of wealth (and possible fame) to keep people around her. Kind of like a Paris Hilton. Sure, you’re pretty and loaded, but does anyone even LIKE you? Paulie Gibson said that she was generic, flat and had no spark. It was awesome when she had come out bragging and then she was one of the two (with Marvin) who wasn’t booked during the challenge.  When XVCI doesn’t book her either, Jourdan has a panic attack. Because one bad day of not being perfect means it’s time to say the world is ending. Jourdan throws a frog at Renee during a photoshoot, which was pointless and may have hurt the frog! As usual, she took a pretty good photo. But Tyra Banks didn’t love it as much as she usually does.

“Are those real books?” – Jourdan

“It just annoys me when girls freak out over bugs and animals.” – Jourdan

“I’m actually really a crazy, wild girl.” – Jourdan

America's Next Top Model -- "The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good"

America’s Next Top Model — “The Girl Whose Walk is TOO Good”

Cory – I still like him. Not sure I like his look. But I DO like him.

“I wanna win…of course I want her to mess up.” – Cory

Don – He’s okay, but he’s not one of my favorites. He has good confidence.

Chris – I DO NOT LIKE HIM. There was a time when I bounced back and felt sympathy… but after all of his outbursts I’m just done. It even hurts to look at him because of that hair. I don’t mind albino people because I saw Powder as a very young girl, and I’m sure they’re all perfectly nice. But this guy does look like an albino, and he’s got a jerksauce of a personality.

“You’re lucky you won a challenge, cause you don’t photograph well.” – Chris about Renee

Marvin – Eliminate this manchild already! He got a montage of crying, because…he cries a lot. And he’s trying to get Renee to fall for him. Because, she’s alive and got boobs. Marvin has a theory that every girl he likes ends up going home. So he’s worried for Renee. What does it say about him that he didn’t like her until after over 5 other girls left, first? Classy.

“It looks like Howdy Doody to me.” – Kelly Cutrone, on Marvin

Renee – “I have a secret, but I don’t know if I should tell anyone.” It’s a fifth grade sleepover, apparently. She likes Marvin, too. Starvin’ Marvin. Ugh. I forget, is this girl 23 or 13? I still want to root for her, but give me a break.  She booked both shows for the challenge, which was great for her. I like seeing her rise to the top. She owns the runway. Hilariously, Renee is fine with walking the runway but the idea of laying in the grass scares her. I guess…uh, grass is exotic?

“Marvin is just, a sexy pillow.” – Renee

“Revenge is a bitch baby, and trust me, bitch is an understatement when it comes to me.” – Renee

“Don’t you ever in your life think it’s okay to put a frog on my dress.” – Renee

Nina – This is a sweet, awesome gal and I hope she wins. She wore rhinestone kitty ears to panel! I saw some of those at Charming Charlie’s. (A store, btw, I have to say I don’t like much at all because the jewelry looks too cheap.) She had one of the best pictures.

“Where’s the camera?!” – Nina

“Be the best to stay in the competition. Don’t just barely get by.” – Nina

Bottom Two: Marvin, Phil (Both deserving to go home based on their skill-levels.)

Out: Phil

Back in with the highest social media score: Alexandra! (Yay, I like her!)

They’re off to BALI.

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