Have you recovered from the heart-stopping, action-packed two-hour season finale yet? In honor of the Men of Revenge who seem to be in the most dire straits at the end of season 2, I would like to dedicate this to them. May the truth set them free!


Daniel Grayson

It has been hard to pinpoint just who IS Daniel Grayson. Once the bad boy of the Hamptons, he met Emily Thorne as a reformed man, more mature and determined to be the opposite of who his parents want him to be. Unfortunately, you cannot truly deny genetics, and before long, he proved he could be as devious as Conrad and Victoria. Even after discovering that his parents had framed David Clarke in the downing of Flight 197 and that they have been involved in the misdeeds of The Initiative, he did not have the heart to send them to prison where they belong. Remember he even helped them get rid of Helen Crowley’s body after Victoria murdered her in the pool house?

I always had high hopes for Daniel that being in love with Emily would lead him down the “right” path against his family, and this may still be true as he has told his mother, once again, that he wants nothing to do with her and Conrad, especially after discovering that his father had not only known about the bombing at Grayson Global before it happened, but that he had failed to stop it. Imagine how he would feel if he found out that he was responsible for much of what has been going on that has been blamed on the Initiative?

Conrad Grayson

Greed is the root of all evil. This is certainly the case with Conrad Grayson. At first, it would seem he was simply the pawn of The Initiative, simply executing the commands of Satan for self-preservation and for the preservation of his family. Alas, truth is revealed and that truth is that Conrad is part of AmeriCon – a conglomerate of rich people who are out to get richer by profiting off “acts of God”. Sure, in the beginning, Conrad was just carrying out orders, but now we find out that he has recently become part of the inner circle. He knew about the bombing that was going to take place at Grayson Global. He planned to frame Aiden Mathis just as he had framed others for similar crimes without remorse.

So where does it all end? Whatever we think Victoria has been capable of, at least she had always been motivated by love for her children. But with Conrad, it would appear he has no redeeming quality at all! Maybe that is what it takes to be the Governor of New York?

Jack Porter

For the longest time, I wondered how Jack could be so oblivious to the evil around him and how easily he was being manipulated by everyone. Then Amanda died and everything changed for him. Even though he thought Amanda was the same girl he has loved since childhood and then felt guilty at having feelings for Emily (who is the real Amanda), he did the right thing by the mother of his child and has been on a quest to finish what his wife started – to clear David Clarke’s name and to bring down the Graysons.

Jack has been through a lot – the death of his father, the threat of losing his bar and livelihood, almost going to prison, the murder of his wife, the betrayal of Emily and now – the death of his little brother and he wasn’t even able to say goodbye or be by his bedside because he was busy pretending to be dead so he could take revenge on Conrad. What more could the writers throw at poor Jack, you ask? Well, how about finding out that Emily is really Amanda Clarke?!

Declan Porter

After a brief period of delinquency when Declan toyed with cat-burglary – an act of desperation and rebellion that landed him in deep with the evil Ryan brothers – Jack’s little brother had been the steady ship amidst the squall that has hit the Hamptons in recent months. He is not afraid of the Graysons and has been the rock that turned Charlotte into a hard-working student who got admitted to Harvard.

Following the birth of baby Carl, Declan and Charlotte have been almost like surrogate parents to their nephew, and now we find out Charlotte is going to be a teenage mommy, just as her own mommy had been when she abandoned her first-born, Patrick. It would have been interesting to see how Declan and Charlotte would cope as teenage parents, but sadly, that will not happen. In a desperate attempt to prove to Charlotte that he had nothing to do with hitting Regina – Charlotte’s BFF who is actually secretly in love with Charlotte – or stealing from her, Declan had gone up to Daniel’s office in search of her (because she lied to him about being with Regina and said she was with Daniel). Declan ends up being the only casualty of The Initiative’s bombing of the Grayson Global office as part of their attempt to frame Aiden and to help Conrad win his gubernatorial race.

R.I.P. Declan Porter. You were a good brother. May you and Amanda watch over Jack in his revengenda against the Graysons from here on out.

Aiden Mathis

We learned a few truths about Aiden lately. He had trained with Takeda to find his missing sister, who turns out to have been kidnapped and killed by The Initiative years ago. And his link with Emily goes beyond being fellow trainees who fell in love – his father was named as the baggage handler responsible for putting the bomb that blew up Flight 197 on the plane.

There are many reasons for loving Aiden, key among them is his devotion to Emily and to protecting her. He has killed for her (remember Murdoch? And more recently, their mentor, Takeda, after realizing that he had been using her as his own personal army against the Graysons) and he has made many sacrifices for her. In the end, he decided to run because he believes that deep down, she loves Jack, and so he has let go – but not before reminding her that he will wait for her to meet him at the villa in Capri where they had once talked of growing old together (cue the sobbing…at least that was the case for me!).

But then Aiden gets arrested at the Canadian border, being interrogated by the FBI for suspicion of the bombing at Grayson Global and for the blackout of the entire city of New York…and then he is mysteriously released. And then he sits in the dark in Emily’s home, waiting and seething…

Nolan Ross

And quickly we learn that the reason Aiden has been released from FBI custody is that they have a new suspect – Nolan Ross! Just as a very dapper Nolan is leaving NolCorp to head to Conrad’s victory party to meet Emily, FBI agents barge into his office, throw him to the floor, cuff him and arrest him. All of a sudden, every trail points to Nolan, now being called “the disciple of David Clarke” as if David was the leader of a cult.

The FBI point to his regular visits with David while he was in prison, then the disappearance and death of his girlfriend/CFO Padma. This is the most damning evidence yet – somehow, they got hold of a video of Padma confessing that she had an affair with Nolan while working as CFO of NolCorp and claims that he had been responsible for the Carrion program. Her video puts one final nail in the coffin when she claims that he IS AmeriCon Initiative!


What next?

When we last saw Daniel and Aiden, they were brawling in Emily’s living room, with Aiden getting the better of Daniel – not surprisingly since he has had years of training from Takeda, but then Daniel sees Emily’s gun…and then we see Daniel with blood on his hands when he turns up at his father’s victory party. Did he shoot Aiden? I hope not because I really liked Aiden!

As for Jack, just before finding out his little brother was dead, he had been going through the secret file Victoria kept on Amanda and found she had spent time in Japan. Now that Emily has confessed to being the real Amanda, will she tell him everything, including all the time she spent in Japan training for her revengenda against the Graysons? Will she tell him the real reason she was planning on marrying Daniel? And if so, will she go ahead with the marriage with Jack’s blessing?

Will Conrad actually get to move into the Governor’s Mansion with Victoria or will Jack take another aim at him even with Emily confessing her true identity? What will happen to Victoria now with the sudden reappearance of Patrick at her door? Is he really her son or some impostor? What will become of Ashley, whose allegiance seems to shift from one to another, based entirely upon who can give her the biggest boost up the social ladder?

Last but not least, what will become of Nolan? Even having your own satellite, NolSat, isn’t going to save him from this humungus problem of being suspected of being a terrorist. Just look at what happened to David Clarke! Will he at least get his one phone call? After all, he admits that his plan for the apocalypse begins and ends with “Call Emily”.

I declare that we need to start campaigning for the #SaveNolan Fund right now!

Until Revenge season 3…

Photo: ABC. Written by Valerie Leung. Share your Revenge theories with her on Twitter (@valshopaholic) and read her blog LibragirlRules.com.