It is often said that you should keep your friends close but your enemies closer.  There’s also the whole “frenemy” deal…that’s someone who was your friend but now an enemy – or an enemy who is now a friend or a friend who is really an enemy or…whatever.

REVENGE Treachery Review Season 1 Episode 8

Before REVENGE took a brief break, we were left with a very dead Frank left in a ditch with a hole in the head thanks to Amanda Clarke, aka the real Emily Thorne.  I must confess, I’m going to miss Frank terribly because I really wanted to see Victoria get some lovin’ again after her doomed affair with David Clarke seventeen years ago.

After doing away with pesky Frank, new Amanda turns up at New Emily’s house on the beach to give her old friend a surprise.  What does one do with an unwanted visitor? Seeing as how Nolan has been saying he wants to help, Emily deposits her old friend to his house but does not tell him her true identity.

Meanwhile, sleeping beauty Lydia has awoken from her coma but has lost her short-term memory, which means she remembers who Victoria and Conrad are but does not remember Emily…

Lydia: “I’m so sorry.”

Emily replies with a friendly smile: “Oh, don’t be.”

To ensure Lydia only remembers what the Graysons want her to remember if and when she recovers her memory, Victoria moves her old friend into the Grayson Manor to recuperate.  She sends Ashley, who is apparently more than just Victoria’s event planner but is also her personal lackey, to Lydia’s apartment to pick up anything that may help her regain her memory.  What a great opportunity for Emily to plant that old incriminating photo of her (as Amanda Clarke) working as a waitress at a Grayson party many years ago, only her face has now been replaced with someone else’s, thanks to Nolan’s Photoshop skills.

Nolan is naturally curious as to who his new guest is but being the good host that he is, allows Amanda to take a swim in his beautiful pool – don’t worry, she may not have had time to pack a bag when she headed to the Hamptons after bashing Frank’s head in, the Ross Mansion has a stock of “house bikinis” just for occasions like this.

While Nolan disappears, Jack turns up at his house and meets the mystery bikini girl who, we quickly discover, has mad cocktail-making skills (could she become a new employee at The Stowaway Tavern?).  The two flirt a little before being interrupted by Emily, clearly unimpressed.

News of Frank’s death travels fast: Conrad gets the honor of identifying his former employee’s body and Victoria is convinced Emily has something to do with his murder so she sends the police to question the woman who is clearly stealing her son from her.

Daniel happens to be at Emily’s house when the police arrive and he remains by his true love’s side when she is questioned by the police about Frank’s suspicious death.  At this point, the “truth” is revealed about the shameful two years Emily Thorne spent in maximum security juvenile detention for putting an end to her foster father’s abuse.

Poor Daniel can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to his parents.  Having only just reconciled with his father after quitting his job at The Stowaway to return to the “family business”, he confronts his mother about having his girlfriend investigated, so he finally packs his bags and moves in with Emily (I guess this will make her hobby of looking at old footage of her father’s trial a little harder to do now?).

Now, we know that Nolan is a man of many talents. And given he made his zillions in the tech business, it came as no surprise that disabling the GPS on the dearly-departed Frank’s cell phone is no big challenge for him.  When Nolan sees a spot of dried blood on his mystery guest’s jacket, he puts two and two together and figures out that he does not want to be one of the two that gets picked up for accessory to Frank’s murder.  He quickly escorts Amanda back to Emily, who assures him all will be well because Amanda is going to be living in her Paris apartment with a new identity and bank account.  Of course, we know Amanda will not stay away for long (or at all, for that matter) because she feels an affinity with Emily and she is not one to be told what to do.

Creepy Tyler is always lurking in the background – literally. His biggest fan, Conrad, has been kicked out of the Grayson Manor which makes his spying a little more challenging but perhaps easier for him to play both sides.  He sees Victoria at the paper shredder and starts putting the pieces back together as soon as she leaves the room.  Perhaps the Graysons should invest in a cross-cut shredder next time or, better yet, just set the document on fire?  And by the way, Conrad was wrong when he thought their secrets died with Frank.

Normally, I am not a fan of shows that have a lot of flashbacks, but REVENGE uses the technique rather well, and thank goodness for that because they rely on this regularly.  This time, we find out why Amanda feels such loyalty to the girl who took her name.  When Amanda says to Emily: “I would have done this for you even without the money.  You’re the closest thing I have to a sister” one cannot help but wonder what happened from their first meeting when they tried to kill each other in their shared cell, to their unconditional loyalty.  Now we know Emily has Warden Stiles (guest-star CCH Pounder) to thank for her advice: troubled Amanda (aka real Emily) just wants a friend.  Get her to trust you and she will do whatever you want.

Well, folks, right now, I believe Emily wants nothing more than for Amanda to leave town and never turn up again, but that would be too easy because this little “sister” intends to stick around for a while, and I, for one, cannot wait to see what havoc she wreaks in the weeks to come.

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