Now that we know who was killed, it opens up so many other questions on REVENGE. Let’s examine a few of those points of interest…



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  • How did Takeda recover Emily’s box? When asked, he simply replied “your opponents are dangerous but careless.”
  • Victoria has signed the divorce papers and accepted Conrad’s terms but she has the business card of someone from the Securities and Exchange Commission – as you may recall, Daniel had mentioned that Grayson Global was under investigation for suspicious trading practices, so I’m expecting the investigation to get ugly

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  • If you paid attention to the opening scene, it was definitely Daniel who was slumped on the beach with the photo next to him. But we know it’s not Daniel who was shot, and he was away from the actual body when it was discovered so what happened?
  • The gloved hand we see at the start of the episode appears to be female, but it could be another typical REVENGE red-herring. Could it be Takeda? After all, he appeared pretty quickly at the scene to pick up a desperate Amanda trying to disappear from the scene of the crime…and that hand took the photo of Emily’s revenge targets, presumably to protect Emily’s secrets from being discovered.
  • Whose blood is on Daniel?
  • There were a lot of knowing nods exchanged between Nolan, Takeda and Emily. What’s going on there?
  • P.S. There’s a lot on Emily’s plate for sure, but when she saw her biological sister, Charlotte, taking pills, didn’t she think she should talk to her or her brother about that?! (Added by Jessica. Charlotte shall not fall by the wayside! Her Grandfather is evil, hiss.)

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