Revenge Spoilers 2012 below!  Look inside, if you dare!

Having just had a chance to talk with Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann) himself, we naturally pried  a few spoilers from him! Before our full interview gets posted (or if you simply want some fast Cliff notes) we’ll give you a taste of our juicy Hampton intel.

Nolan’s Hair

We an expect to see a change from the (Justin) “Bieber” cut before the season wraps.

Revenge: The Musical

There are no plans for a musical, but the cast has been loving the idea of a silent movie type of episode that involves sideways glances. (Guess Emily VanCamp will get to use her croc look!) As for Mann, he sings and he’d love to do a Revenge musical. (We’re not sure if it could work, but we’d watch it.)

Does Nolan die at the end of Revenge season one?

We truly don’t think it’s him who might die. The way Mann spoke about his character, it seems – hey, could that be a way to lure us off the truth? Oh, please don’t kill Nolan!

Will Emily and Nolan ever be an item?

Mike Kelley isn’t keen on the idea, but the amount of fan support for this pairing has been intense. Anything is possible on this show. Mann embraces the idea. (As do we. And apparently, a lot of YouTube fans, too!)

Make sure to read the full interview tomorrow (4/24) on to find out…

  • Who’s the worst Revenge cast member when it comes to Draw Something? (You’ll be surprised.)
  • Who is Nolan’s new “love interest”?
  • About origin stories for plenty of established characters.

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