As the Wedding of the Year approaches, the stakes continue to rise and I become more and more torn as to whether I am still Team Emily and her revengenda or Team Daniel for being the pawn in the Game of Thorne.

REVENGE - "Secrecy" - Victoria eagerly throws Emily a bridal shower that neither of them will soon forget. And when Daniel grows more distant, Emily has to take drastic measures, on "Revenge," SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright) CHRISTA B. ALLEN

REVENGE – “Secrecy” – Victoria eagerly throws Emily a bridal shower that neither of them will soon forget. And when Daniel grows more distant, Emily has to take drastic measures, on “Revenge,” SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 17 (9:00-10:01 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Richard Cartwright)


Granted, for most of the last year, Daniel showed himself to be more like his murderous and conniving parents than he ever wanted to admit. But since the end of Grayson Global, he has become a little more like the Daniel he said he wanted to be when he first met Emily – to be independent and live an honest life. Will he get there, despite his parents’ devious plotting?

Revenge “Secrecy” Recap

“Secrecy” was like a really great tennis game – but it’s a game that involves Emily facing off against a series of players:

Fifteen-Love: Emily and her crocodile tears
Concerned that the Fourth of July party has reunited former lovers, Daniel and Sarah, Emily is making every attempt to seduce Daniel, to make sure he does not break off their engagement. But he rejects her advances and insists he is too busy to spend time with her. Meanwhile, he is not too busy to conveniently bump into Sarah at the Farmer’s Market, picking out fresh strawberries. While Sarah insists she is not a home-wrecker (because her own father had left her mother for another woman), she cannot resist Daniel’s charms. However, it seems sweet-natured Sarah can no less resist the equally sweet-natured Emily who had followed Daniel to the markets. Emily breaks down in tears in front of Sarah, claiming the stress of the wedding plans and Victoria making her feel like she is not deserving of her son are causing her to have doubts about Daniel’s fidelity. Sarah assures Emily there is nothing between her and Daniel and never will be. First point to Emily!

Fifteen-All: Aiden or Jack – who should Emily trust?
When Emily confessed to Jack that she is really Amanda Clarke, I’m sure she never expected her childhood sweetheart could turn into an obstacle in her revenge plans. First he gives her an ultimatum to end her revenge plans by the end of the summer, now he is angry that her endgame includes disappearing with Aiden Mathis, the man responsible for threatening the safety of his baby Carl. When Jack surprises Emily with the revelation that he had beaten a guy to a pulp for blackmailing Charlotte, he questions just how much she can trust Aiden and what lengths he will go to in order to get what he wants. For someone who always needs to be in control and a step ahead of everyone else, the knowledge that Aiden has kept something from her is like a punch in the stomach. Sorry Emily, you lose this point.

Fifteen- Thirty: Meet Husband Number One
Never one to follow convention, Victoria throws a co-ed bridal shower for the happy couple. This is great news for us because it means Nolan, who made it on People Magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive list (right behind Joel McHale), gets to attend in his standout lavender suit that is the envy of all. Of course, there needs to be party games at a bridal shower to make things interesting. Conrad kicked things off by blindfolding Daniel and taking him on a trip down memory lane as, one by one, a parade of old childhood and college pals arrive to congratulate him on his engagement. When it is Emily’s turn, Victoria giddily places a blindfold on the bride-to-be and announces her regret at not having many of Emily’s friends present. However, she proudly announces she was able to find someone in her past who she was sure Emily would be happy to see…her HUSBAND, Rohan!
(Score to Victoria!)

Thirty-All: Marriage of convenience was all for love
The party attendees, and especially the groom-to-be, are all shocked to hear Emily had been married before. While Victoria is standing on the stage with a huge grin on her face, believing she had broken up her son’s engagement once and for all, Emily announces that her marriage to Rohan had been one of marriage of convenience in order to help him get a green card so that he could stay in the US to be with his gay partner. Rohan happily introduces his husband to the still-stunned crowd, and thanks Emily for helping him find love and proposes a toast to Daniel and Emily. It turns out Rohan had already been training with Takeda for his own revenge mission (now completed) when Emily first arrived in Japan for her own training. BAM! Great backhand return to Victoria that left her speechless. Score again to Emily!

Thirty-Forty: The Grayson rite of passage
It’s surprising that it has taken Conrad this long to introduce his son to his birthright. A secret love nest has been passed on from Grayson father to Grayson son for generations, and now it is finally time for Conrad to hand the keys over to Daniel so that he can start entertaining mistresses at the house, whose caretaker, Anderson, is apparently perfectly capable of keeping your secrets. As Conrad rattles off his long list of conquests, including countless secretaries and “Lydia, may she rest in peace”, he proudly tells Daniel that no Mrs Grayson has ever set foot in that house. Sadly, he has forgotten that Victoria was once one of those mistresses that he had taken to the house (he failed to take his own advice to never marry your mistress). Perhaps Conrad should not have been so trusting of Anderson because, just as generations of Grayson men have been handed the keys to the “secret lair”, generations of Grayson wives have been given the direct line to Anderson. When Victoria tells Emily that Daniel is holed up at the house with Sarah, she calls the number to find that Daniel had indeed “settled in for the night with his lady friend”. Oh no! Victoria wins another point!

Deuce: A sonogram is worth a thousand words…or at least a shotgun wedding
It should have come as no surprise that a pregnancy is all it takes to save a wedding. After his dalliance with Sarah, Daniel returns to Emily in the Hamptons, fully intending to break off the engagement so that he could be with Sarah. But as has happened in the past, Emily presents Daniel with a gift, apologizing for her behavior and for letting Victoria turn her into a distrusting and jealous woman. She confesses she had followed him to the farmer’s market where she broke down in front of Sarah. Apparently that was enough to make her feel ill enough to pay a visit to her doctor. Voila! “We’re pregnant!” announces a glowing Emily while Daniel sits in stunned silence, looking ever more like a hamster trapped in a wheel going nowhere no matter how fast or how far he thinks he is running from his family. Looks like the wedding is back on the cards – another point to Emily!

Who will win this game?
Amidst all the hoopla of the wedding planning, there is still a little matter of Margaux, who is determined to write an exposé on Conrad and the Flight 197 conspiracy against David Clarke. Despite an initial agreement with Conrad for her magazine to profile him, he received a better offer with a book deal and reneged on his agreement with Margaux. But this is not enough to stop her from investigating the story. She has a list of former Grayson Global employees and is convinced at least one person will be willing to come forward to tell his or her side of the story. And her first whistleblower is the best whistleblower that even Emily was not able to find: Lydia Davis – the woman whom everyone believed to have perished when the plane carrying her and Victoria to Washington blew up.

The ball remains in the air on this one. What secrets will Lydia spill? How did Margaux find her? Where has she been hiding for the past year? Does Victoria know she is still alive? Will this place Margaux in danger?

So many questions!

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