Who didn’t go rogue in this episode? Here’s our Revenge season 2 episode 7 “Penance” recap!

This is a live Revenge recap!

Emily is addicted to the Real (Crazy) Housewives of the Hampton’s show. She’s always watching. ALWAYS. Which his creepy.

What IS her end game, dammit? Emily, spill your guts!

Aiden (Barry Sloane) loves Emily. Too bad she won’t even deign to hold his hand.

ABC promoted Nashville a lot, and there’s a new spot with Hayden Panettiere (Juliette Barnes) singing “Telescope.”

Amanda wants to marry Jack. But Emily hates the idea. She suggests a restraining order to handle Mason. Amanda/Jack should get one on Emily.

Daniel spares a little bit o’ pity for the Clarke family, but Emily doesn’t care. I can’t believe Kara is leaving without saying goodbye to her “daughter” – Amanda.

I love Protective!Nolan (Gabriel Mann.)

Amanda has gone off book. But I don’t think she’s really giving Mason all of this without a motive or a trick. …Yea, she’s all about bashing in his head.

Now Kara has gone rogue? Now Mason is rogue! EVERYONE IS ROGUE.

It’s hard to control everyone with marionette strings, huh, Emily?

Nolan whistling at Masons’ board made me laugh. Best. Acting. Ever.

There was no contingency plan for Kara going crazy. Although, she isn’t going crazy so much as acting … normal, given the news she just got. Almost. I mean, the gun makes it more serious.

NO NOT THE LITTLE WHITE GUN. Oh, Thank God. Kara’s no idiot.

Blindfold time, huh? I don’t suppose THESE are also from Neiman Marcus and Target?! (I’m snickering.)

These dual car scenes are pretty damn sad. Oh, Kara. Oh, Emily. Oh Aiden – go away!

I didn’t see Mason agreeing to that deal, but … yea, I can see why he’d do that.

Emily is grateful to Aiden… so now she’s gonna see if he’s good at kissing. Mmmkay? Shrug!

There’s not a new episode of Revenge until two weeks from now!

What would you grade this episode?

Revenge Season 2 Episode 7 | Revenge “Penance” quotes | This episode was written by Elle Triedman and created by Mike Kelley. | Photo Credit: ABC | Revenge airs Sundays on ABC.

Written by Jessica Rae for Small Screen Scoop. Find her on Twitter @ThisJessicaRae.