On the day of reckoning, the truth will be revealed.  The just will get their rewards and the evil will be punished.  For Emily Thorne and the Graysons, the day of reckoning has finally come.


Grayson vs Grayson

The war between Victoria and Conrad continues as Emily fakes a break-in to steal back the evidence that Conrad had entrusted to Daniel which incriminates the Graysons and those behind the terrorist attack for which David Clarke was convicted.  Conrad’s new security team does a bug sweep around Grayson Manor and quickly finds all the bugs Emily had hidden there, but assumes they were placed there by the White Haired Man.

Tick Tock: Emily saves Nolan

There was never any doubt that Emily would save Nolan, right? After all that he has done for her, it is finally time for her to repay the favor.  She meets the White Haired Man after revealing her true identity.  She tricks him into leaving them (although still handcuffed in an unknown location) by saying she has put all the evidence against him in a locker at the Port Authority bus station, and as soon as he leaves, she pulls out a pin she had hidden in her sweater sleeve and picks the lock on the handcuffs.  She tells Nolan to deliver the evidence to Agent McGowan of the SEC.  Though loathe to leave her to wait for the White Haired Man’s return, Nolan hugs her and tells her “Kick his ass”.  And she does.


Emily is not a killer

For weeks, we, and Nolan, have questioned whether Emily is truly capable of killing in her path to avenge her father’s murder.  David would have been proud that his little girl chose to honor him by not letting go of her capacity to love.  She gave White Haired Man a nice ass-whooping but leaves him to live another day.


The Grayson children show their true colors…

Since stumbling on Declan with a new girl from school (Jamie), Charlotte decides on her own little Mean Girl act by pretending to be Victoria and hiring a private detective to dig up dirt on Jamie’s past. Her little act of cyber-bullying does not impress Declan one bit. Turns out Declan is a lot smarter than we gave him credit for: “You thought you lowered yourself to date me but I’m the one who lowered myself to date you!”


Emily declares her love for Jack…to Nolan

Just before Nolan left Emily to kick the White Haired Man’s ass, she tells him that if things don’t work out, “Tell Jack that I love him.” Nolan totally approves.  Fortunately, Emily lives and doesn’t have to be the one to tell Jack.  Unfortunately, Emily never gets the chance to tell him herself.


Daniel is no Prince Charming

The engagement is off. Yes, it is sad.  Sadder still is that he does not deny Emily’s accusation that he is becoming everything he said he didn’t want to be: a Grayson.  True to form, when Victoria tells him she is going to testify against Conrad because he is the one who ordered a hit on David Clarke, he defends his father, saying “I’m sure he had a good reason to.” SLAP!


Money might buy love, but immunity is better

It might be true love between Conrad and Lydia, but it is quite obvious that when he presents her with a chunky diamond ring, he is expecting more than just wedded bliss from her.  He is expecting loyalty.  But being on the run with a millionaire proves to be less attractive to Lydia than freedom, so she takes the SEC’s offer of immunity and decides to testify against him instead.

Whose side is the White Haired Man on?

After Emily spared his life, the White Haired Man pays Conrad a visit, warning him that he should run because both Victoria and Lydia have turned on him.  As he speaks, he walks around Conrad’s office and looks straight into the photo frame that has the hidden camera planted by Emily.  Being the pro that he is, he knows who’s behind the camera and as he winks into the camera, you can’t help but wonder if he’s now on Emily’s side, helping her revenge plans against the Graysons.


The mystery engagement gift revealed

It seems like so long ago now that Emily and Daniel celebrated their engagement with the Fire and Ice Ball that turned into a murder scene.  Remember when Victoria arrived carrying a big white box that was her engagement present to the happy couple?  Well, now that the engagement has been called off, Emily offers to return the unopened gift to Victoria, who tells her to open it. I must admit I held my breath as Emily ripped open the box.  I so wanted to think that Victoria was not as evil as she seemed and that she might have bought a really great gift.  Who was I kidding?  The box was empty – as empty as the relationship between Daniel and Emily is.


There’s no EmJack…let’s try AmJack

Creator Mike Kelley sure knows how to play with my feelings.  When Fauxmanda first appeared on the scene, I didn’t like her.  Then she proved herself to be a gutsy ally protecting Emily and I really liked her.  Of course, now that Tyler’s murder has been solved, there was no danger for Amanda to come back to the Hamptons, and she returns in a big way.  And I mean B.I.G big.  She’s pregnant with Jack’s baby – just as Emily is about to tell Jack she loves him.


Emily shows she is human after all

With all that has been going on, finding her father’s killer, breaking off her engagement to Daniel and the love of her life fathering a child with her frenemy, Emily finally breaks down in tears.  I reached for the Kleenex and wept with her.  Later, she is still weeping in front of her fireplace, staring at the Infinity Box and I was worried she was going to burn everything.


Oh Ashley, Ashley, Ashley

Always in the right place at the right time, Ashley seems to witness scandalous goings-on in the Hamptons.  So far, she has stumbled upon Nolan making out with Tyler, Emily making out with Jack – a fact which she wastes no time to not-so-subtly drop on Daniel when Jack goes to Daniel’s office to return his million dollar bribe.  Now she goes to Daniel’s pool house, feigns apology at breaking up his engagement before telling him she has always had his back.  For a moment I thought she was going to make out with Daniel.  I’m glad she didn’t.


The Graysons face their reckoning

Victoria and Lydia head to Washington on a privately-chartered plane, along with Agent McGowan and the box of evidence, to testify against Conrad.  As Victoria looks up into the plane with a determined look on her face, we see a maintenance crew member putting the finishing touches underneath the plane.  Of course it was the White Haired Man, who, as he had told Conrad earlier, was heading to the airport.  Shortly after, breaking news reports that the plane had blown up and that, according to the flight manifest, Victoria was on board.  There were no survivors found.


Is Queen Victoria really dead?

Upon seeing the news on TV of her mother’s death, Charlotte tries calling Declan.  Still angry at her bullying tactics, Declan hangs up on her after telling her never to call him again.  With no-one else to turn to, she overdoses on painkillers.  Conrad finds her passed out in her bedroom.  Let’s hope she survives this.  As for the Queen of the Hamptons, I would like to think that the plane explosion is a way the Feds used to put her in witness protection because the Hamptons would not be the same without her!


“Let it play”

How could Emily have thought that all the evidence against the Graysons burned up in the plane explosion?  As any tech-nerd will tell you, always do backups!  Thankfully, Nolan backed up the mystery “Americon” encrypted hard drive that Conrad kept against “The Initiative” before he handed over all the evidence to Agent McGowan.  As he starts to play the video, it is revealed that Victoria knows David’s deepest secret – something about his wife and Emily’s mother, whom Emily had thought died from some illness when she was small.  Turns out she is alive.  I suspect the White Haired Man might know something about Mrs Clarke when he commented that Emily must take after her mother during their tussle.  And the Americon Initiative is much bigger than the Graysons.  I am dying to know more!


Seven Devils

The music has always been brilliant on Revenge.  The orchestral arrangements always have me on edge or in tears.  The choice of Florence + The Machine’s “Seven Devils” in the final act has such an ominous air about it – like the Grim Reaper is arriving to reap the evil souls and take them away for their judgment day.  Perfect.


Departing co-executive producer Sanford Bookstaver’s direction of the finale is simply flawless.  He has directed all the major arcs (“Charade”, “Chaos”, “Absolution” and “Reckoning”).  I simply want more.

Written by Valerie Leung.